IRC logs for #trustable for Tuesday, 2020-03-31

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lanostandup in 10!09:40
lanoMorning all, standup time :) who's here?09:51
lanookay order is lano, lchlan_ for now09:51
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)09:52
lano* Done09:52
lano  - Change the UCA buttons as Sam suggested to make them more accessible to those unfamiliar with gitlab09:52
lano    - Added issue to investigate the best way to store unpushed changes - cookies, the local filesystem or don't store them09:52
lano  - Added issues to gitlab
lano* Doing09:52
lano  - Go over all the issues and decide what to do next09:52
lano## Lachlan (lchlan_)09:52
lchlan_ * Done / For Review09:52
lchlan_    * Some further looking at web app issues.09:52
lchlan_    * Further digging into the Apollo code.09:52
lchlan_ * Doing09:52
lchlan_    * Bottoming out some perception template queries.09:52
lchlan_# Discussion09:52
lanosounds interesting09:53
lanostandup to end in 509:53
lanostandup over09:53
lchlan_Thanks lano09:53
lanoalthough lchlan_ shall we discuss next steps for the app?09:53
lchlan_We can do09:54
lanohow about we just move the issues that need doing soonest to the "To Do" column? :)09:54
lchlan_Makes sense09:55
lchlan_Have you considered the workflow question (i.e. flagging whether entries makes sense)?09:56
lanothis one
lchlan_I was wondering if its worthwhile  considering how this could work first since it will possibly direct the workflow for new entries at least09:59
lchlan_If you want to focus on just display - then it can be put to one side for now09:59
lchlan_Well we can catch up on this later10:03
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lanoyeah makes sense to consider that first, i think you should have to do the steps in order initially / pull the files in that order, so you couldn't add any Apollo scenarios without Apollo UCAs, currentlly if you upload an updated UCA file for a controller all of those scenarios get wiped until you reupload the corresponding scenario file (eventually we could keep the scenarios if its UCA is still there), if a UCA or Control10:06
lanoAction is changed on the app I guess all of the corresponding Scenarios can be flagged with warnings signs which have to be manually acknowledged before the app is saved?10:06
lanostandup notes:
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* lano will comment on the issues on so the discussions can flow better10:27
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