IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2020-03-18

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lanogood morning, standup in 20!10:30
* lchlan is having issues, laptop has locked up. 10:37
lanoah :/ which laptop?10:37
lchlanI made the mistake of opening the calendar10:42
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lanoorder is lano, shaunmooney, lchlan_10:51
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)10:51
lano* Done10:51
lano  - Look at the current Apollo scenarios - there are a lot of scenarios there already although I know lchlan_ has come up with more too10:51
lano  - Design yaml format for scenarios10:51
lano* Doing10:51
lano  - Making a Scenarios page, first using hardcoded scenarios in a suitable format (I don't see a need to actually make the dummy yml file)10:51
lano## Shaun Mooney (shaunmooney)10:51
shaunmooney* Done10:51
shaunmooney  - Clone app and built locally10:51
shaunmooney  - App planning with lano10:51
shaunmooney  - Created ci to publish react app to gitlab pages10:51
shaunmooney    -
shaunmooney* Doing10:51
shaunmooney  - Review MRs10:51
shaunmooney  - Pick up support work where necessary to help lano10:51
shaunmooney  - Look into style templates for the app10:51
shaunmooney## Lachlan ( lchlan_ )10:51
lchlan_ * Done / For Review10:51
lchlan_    * Email sent regarding functional deficits10:51
lchlan_    * Tried to work through speed but keep hitting undocumented matrix mathematics.10:51
lchlan_      No clear indication what is going on or why10:51
lchlan_ * Doing10:51
lchlan_    * Continue to try to unravel things10:51
lchlan_ * Next10:51
lchlan_    * Depending on Email feedback - new requirements10:51
lchlan_# Discussion10:51
lanoi guess it'll be tough to have an stpa meeting this week10:52
lanodo you guys think we need an online one this week?10:52
lchlan_It might be worthwhile for a short videocon10:53
lchlan_Just to see if we can get it all working10:53
lanosounds good10:53
* lchlan_ has not had much luck with video conferencing10:53
shaunmooneyCan we have it tomorrow morning please?10:53
lanoi'm free tomorrow morning10:54
lchlan_Fine for me10:54
shaunmooneyWe can post the link here to allow anybody else who wants to join (and gives a bit more notice for them)10:54
lanosounds good10:54
lanoany more points?10:54
lanostandup ends in 410:54
lanostandup over10:54
lchlan_Thanks lano10:55
lanolooks like the best slot tomorrow is 11am10:59
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sambishop_shaunmooney, re meeting, 10am suits me best14:19
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shaunmooneylano and lchlan does that suit you? If so I'll post a link for hangouts so the meeting is available for all members14:49
lchlanYep, fine for me14:50
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