IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2020-03-12

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lanostandup in 910:41
lchlanUnfortunately xchat is having fun and games again10:48
lanotypical Thursday software antics10:51
lanoorder is lano, lchlan, shaunmooney10:52
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)10:52
lano* Done10:52
lano  - Pushed index page, although the image has to be stored locally for now10:52
lano* Doing10:52
lano  - Correcting hyperlink bug on index page10:52
lano  - Make level-2 page with losses and hazards10:52
lano    - shaunmooney maybe we should have a quick chat on the design on this10:52
lano## Lachlan (lchlan)10:52
lchlan* Done / For Review10:53
lchlan  * Meeting10:53
lchlan  * Looking at planning speed limits10:53
lchlan* Doing10:53
lchlan  * Continue diving down10:53
lchlan* Next10:53
lchlan  * svpa overview.10:53
lchlan## Shuan Mooney10:53
shaunmooney* Done10:53
shaunmooney  - Clone app and built locally10:53
shaunmooney  - App planning with lano10:53
shaunmooney  - Created ci to publish react app to gitlab pages10:53
shaunmooney    -
shaunmooney* Doing10:53
shaunmooney  - Pick up support work where necessary to help lano10:53
shaunmooney  - Look into style templates for the app10:53
shaunmooney## Discussion10:53
lanoshaunmooney can we have a meeting on design of level 2 page plz?10:53
lanoif yes then go ahead shaunmooney10:54
shaunmooneylano: Probably not this week, I have other projects I need to catch up on10:54
shaunmooneyIs this blocking you?10:54
shaunmooneyGood, let's put something in for next week then10:54
lanothe fine tuning can be done next week10:54
lanowill do10:54
lanoany other points?10:55
shaunmooneyI just wanted to ask if lchlan is still free at 11am for the STPA introduction?10:55
lchlanYep, where please10:55
shaunmooneyI'll let you know10:55
lanookay standup ending in410:56
lanostandup complete!10:56
lchlanThanks lano10:56
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