IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2020-02-19

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lanostandup in 19!10:41
* shaunmooney standsup11:00
lanoorder is lano -> shaunmooney11:01
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)11:01
lano* Done11:01
lano  - Get UCA page to reasonable level with data changes being stored in an object11:01
lano  - Read about gitlab CI11:01
lano  - Meeting with shaunmooney and Lachlan11:01
lano* Doing11:01
lano  - Meeting with Shaun11:01
lano  - Debug: ReadObjectFail: Failed to read git object with oid11:01
lano  - Keep trying with gitlab pages11:01
lano# Shaun Mooney (shaunmooney)11:01
shaunmooney* Done11:01
shaunmooney  - av-stpa roadmap planning11:01
shaunmooney  - Writeup the stpa roadmap11:01
shaunmooney* Doing11:01
shaunmooney  - Writeup of stpa yaml format11:01
shaunmooney  - Plan app / workflow model with lano11:01
shaunmooney# Discussion11:01
lanostandup ends in 311:01
lanostandup ends11:01
lanoi'll book a room shaunmooney11:02
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