IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2020-02-13

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shaunmooneylano: I've created a new repo called av-stpa-website on trusable to put the new and improved website10:24
shaunmooneyI'm writing up the stpa yaml guidelines which I'll push today, the first steps will be to convert the current analysis from the markdown / html to this yaml format, then get the site pulling this data from gitlab10:26
shaunmooneyNow you've got your new react super powers, I'd take a look at how to actually publish a site using gitlab ci and gitlab pages10:30
shaunmooneyI can help a bit with this as I did the current website (although as you can see it's not great)10:30
shaunmooneyTake a look at  which will show the av-stpa pipeline, and the dir called "website" has the pelican code which renders the html10:30
shaunmooneyObviously we won't be using pelican as you'll be writing in react / html, but it should be a good place to see how the publishing works. Let me know if you have any qs10:31
lanosounds good shaunmooney, I'll let you know if I have qus :)10:33
shaunmooneyCool. I'd make a dummy project somewhere on your own gitlab so you have full owner rights on the repo and have a play around10:34
lanoyeah will do that10:35
lanostandup in 10 mins!10:51
lanoorder is lano, shaunmooney11:00
lano## Milan Lakhani (lano)11:00
lano* Done11:00
lano  - STPA meeting11:00
lano  - The git commands all work including push!!11:00
lano* Doing11:00
lano  - Putting a webapp on gitlab pages11:00
lano  - OAuth tokens11:00
lano# Shaun Mooney (shaunmooney)11:00
shaunmooney* Done11:01
shaunmooney  - av-stpa roadmap planning11:01
shaunmooney  - Writeup the stpa roadmap11:01
shaunmooney  - Planning meeting with lano, cphang and scottclarke11:01
shaunmooney* Doing11:01
shaunmooney  - Writeup of stpa yaml format11:01
shaunmooney  - Plan app / workflow model with lano11:01
shaunmooney# Discussion11:01
lanostandup ending in 511:01
lanothanks Shaun11:01
shaunmooneyta lano11:02
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