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shaunmooneylano are you ready for standup?10:59
shaunmooneySorry I didn't give warning so can do it in a bit if not11:00
lanoi'll just be a min11:00
shaunmooneyCool, give me a wave when you're ready11:00
lanoo/ shaunmooney11:02
shaunmooneyGreat, order is shaunmooney -> lano11:02
shaunmooney## Shaun Mooney (shaunmooney)11:02
shaunmooney* Done11:02
shaunmooney  - av-stpa roadmap planning11:02
shaunmooney* Doing11:02
shaunmooney  - Continued: Write up the road map and send to management11:02
shaunmooney## Milan Lakhani (lano)11:03
lano* Done11:03
lano  - Used git api to get gitlab user details but it may be harder to make all the git commands with that11:03
lano  - Orthondontic appointment yesterday afternoon (so it wasn't possible to meet shaunmooney)11:03
lano* Doing11:03
lano  - Try some cors proxies to make isomorphic-git work11:03
lano# Discussion11:03
shaunmooneyAny points?11:03
lanocheck in before stpa meeting today?11:03
lanodepending on your schedule11:03
shaunmooneyYes we can do that. 14:00?11:04
lanoyep great11:04
shaunmooneyOr just any time I'm at my desk come over11:04
lanoyeah cool11:04
shaunmooneyIf nothing else we'll end in 511:05
shaunmooneyend of standup11:05
lanocheers shaunmooney11:05
* paulsherwood wonders if he's the only person that sees the render problem11:14
shaunmooneypaulsherwood I don't have any render problems11:15
lanome neither11:27
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paulsherwoodreally? so includes a diagram for you, as an example?15:10
paulsherwoodand that page also has its "Losses" title correctly displayed *below* the menu bar, not over-written by it?15:12
reiterativepaulsherwood That page is not rendering correctly for me either15:15
reiterativeWhen you mentioned it before I was only looking at the main Trustable website - the av-stpa part is a separate site, which I believe shaunmooney created15:21
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shaunmooneypaulsherwood: Sorry the talk of fonts threw me so I thought you meant the main trustable too, yes the av-stpa website doesn't show properly16:04
shaunmooneyThat will be superseded by something better hopefully very soon16:04
shaunmooneyThe aim is to have something interactive, where people can actually click and edit the tables to make contributions to the project. Plan is to take that to Boston16:08
shaunmooneyI'm writing a roadmap for the project and lano has written up what we want from the website, so watch this space, we'll send it all out tomorrow16:09
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