IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2019-07-03

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paulsherwoodis the av-stpa web render live somewhere now?11:14
paulsherwoodshaunmooney58: ^^?11:15
reiterativepaulsherwood - It's here:
paulsherwoodreiterative: excellent11:16
reiterativeHowever, there are some remaining issues with content rendering that Shaun is looking at11:17
* paulsherwood notes that the image on far exceeds his browser's window. maybe some styling required11:17
reiterativeYes - and the menu bar is hiding the top portion of the page content11:19
reiterativeIt's a WIP - not ready for publicising yet11:19
paulsherwoodin other news.... i've accidentally committed directly to master11:24
paulsherwoodi believe the commit is valid, but still the access controls need to be fixed11:25
paulsherwood(i should have to go via merge request like everybody else)11:25
paulsherwoodand in yet more news
reiterativeI've added master as a protected branch in the av-stpa project11:31
shaunmooney58paulsherwood: I'm looking into the rendering problem. Annoyingly when built and tested locally it's not a problem, so I'm going to fork the repo so I can test the gitlab pages (as it will require pushing to master to test if the changes work)11:59
paulsherwoodshaunmooney58: it's just a matter of wrapping a style around the images, i expect?12:01
shaunmooney58paulsherwood: Yes it will be something like that yes12:20
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