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reiterativepersia: Thanks for teh quick feedback! I decided to create a new MR as we are effectively throwing away the previous material, so this felt cleaner.08:20
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* shaunmooney has read the Code of Practice but has learnt nothing other than the vehicle must be tested to *some* level of safety and the driver must be sensible10:51
persiahow does that work without a driver?12:04
shaunmooney4.2 During automated vehicle trials on public roads or in other public places, a suitably licensed and trained safety driver or safety operator should supervise the vehicle at all times, ensuring the vehicle is observing traffic laws, and should be eady and able to over-ride automated operation if necessary. The safety driver or operator may be out12:17
shaunmooneyside of the vehicle, as long as they have the necessary capability to be able to resume control of the vehicle12:17
shaunmooneypersia ^12:17
shaunmooneyNumbers 4.12 to 4.17 explain that the driver must have *some* training, where some is completely undefined in any way12:19
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reiterativeUpdated version of new nomenclature in following initial feedback from persia and Edmund14:33
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