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adds68Boeing doing some interesting work with a new kernel and autonomous helicopters10:03
reiterativeadds68 Very interesting article!11:06
reiterativeI was most interested by the claim that this "demonstrated that significant improvement is feasible by applying formal techniques strategically to the most critical parts of the overall system"11:06
reiterativeWhich echoes some of the safety conversations I've had with paulsherwood recently11:08
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adds68reiterative, yea i found it quite interesting, especially the last bit yes, it's good to think they are at least being rational about security11:36
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reiterativeI've pushed an update to the core concepts (, which I now feel is complete, although subsequent alignment of / with the existing documentation may be needed.14:23
reiterativeThis also includes a proposed set of minimal evidence (required to assess whether the defined policies have been applied) that persia and I came up with yesterday. Feedback on this would be appreciated!14:24
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