IRC logs for #trustable for Tuesday, 2019-01-08

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toscalixikerperez: about our conversation this morning....
ikerpereztoscalix I think that link is not what you wanted to send me XD16:18
toscalixman, google services stuck like a flu in the clipboard16:19
toscalixhold on....16:19
adds68toscalix, me and ikerperez met someone from the linux foundation who was consulting on SPDX16:54
adds68toscalix, we were also asking the person who runs quartermaster if it's possible to integrate these tools into buildstream16:55
adds68It's all currently WIP from his response16:55
toscalixikerperez: is on it but first within freedesktop-sdk16:56
adds68toscalix, yes i know that, i was mentioning it could be possible to integrate these tools directly into buildstream via a plugin, for analysis during the build17:00
ikerperezI am trying to make quartermaster work with a random package at first place, when I achieve that I will move to freedesktop17:00
ikerperezor buildstream17:01
adds68:) cool17:01
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