IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2018-11-26

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toscalixikerperez: any meaningful progress with Quartermaster?12:50
ikerperezI was able to make it work in my own laptop, but now I am trying to launch it from a Docker container and that's far more difficult12:51
ikerperezI wrote in the quartermaster channel last week if they could share the way the did it but I they haven't answered yet12:52
toscalixI see, thanks14:27
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ikerperezCan this be revised:
paulsher1oodikerperez: you mean reviewed?17:11
ikerperezyes, thanks paulsher1ood17:12
paulsher1oodi've approved it. next is to work out how to merge it, even though the CI fails :)17:15
ikerperezjjardon, is ita good approach to merge it using the command line?17:23
jjardonikerperez: use the tool is better for you; I normally use the button17:41
jjardonfor all the rest of git operations I use the terminal17:41
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