IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2018-11-12

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paulsherwoodikerperez: aren't they on freenode?09:43
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ikerperezno, I can't find them10:11
toscalixikerperez: on friday afternoon I was either on meeting/calls or in bed sick. I saw your mail to mirko10:21
ikerpereztoscalix yes, I was struggling to install quartermaster in an Ubuntu VM. Now I am trying the same in a fedora VM since the CI is working on fedora10:23
toscalixI will ping him too10:24
ikerperezstill it would be great to have a contact to reach for help10:24
toscalixthat will be my question10:24
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ikerpereztoscalix any news from them?13:00
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