IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2018-10-25

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tiagogomesHi, the policy job is failing all the time, even after retrying12:16
paulsher1oodyup. it seems broken by design at the moment... it's failing for any branch that is not part of a merge request12:25
paulsher1oodso far i don't appear to have convinced the gitect folks that this is an obvious bug12:25
tiagogomesMy branch is part of a merge request12:26
paulsher1oodlink please?12:26
* paulsher1ood raises
ikerperezI just had a look to it, the error comes from here I have spoken with Corantin and he says that it's an error from the server.13:16
ikerperezthe server receives the request but it's not able to communicate with it13:17
ikerperezthis probably means that Ops rebooted our servers during the last maintenance (ie on Tuesday evening), and He needs to restart gitect13:18
ikerpereztiagogomes paulsher1ood ^^13:18
tiagogomesok, let me know when this is working again please13:30
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