IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2018-10-18

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paulsherwoodhmmm... probably best for someone to document the outcome of the chat here?08:07
paulwaters__paulsherwood, we are going to look at the compliance component of trustable and in particular openchain and how we could integrate that.08:13
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paulsherwoodshaunmooney: please could you review
shaunmooneypaulsherwood: I think it should note that we are working on Apollo v2.0 (the latest in the linked repo is 3.0)10:12
paulsherwoodshaunmooney: by all means note that on the mr?10:35
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paulsherwoodikerperez: did you/we get to the bottom of how to avoid policy fail on ci runs that don't (yet) have  merge request?15:18
* paulsherwood sees for exampel15:18
shaunmooneyAhh, that explains why my pipeline just failed on policy15:19
ikerperez did a issue on gitect project. willbarnard answered "This is by design. If different behaviour is sometimes required perhaps we could add a configuration option."
ikerperezpaulsherwood ^^15:25
shaunmooneypaulsherwood: Please could you review
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