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ikerperezReady for review08:15
ikerperezAny other test that should be added?08:15
paulsherwoodwhere do the resutls of the mem-test land?08:25
ikerperezThey are supposed to be printed, but in the way it is executed currently the test-minimal-system the results are not displayed. But I have some changes running in the pipeline to make it be displayed. When this are merged the memtester output should be seen08:46
ikerperezI am getting this error when trying to print the logs to the terminal:09:06
ikerperezoutput=$(scripts/test-minimal-system ./minimal-system/sda.img | tee /dev/tty)09:06
ikerpereztee: /dev/tty: No such device or address09:06
ikerperezWhere should I sent it then?09:06
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paulwaters_flatmush, ^^ any thoughts?09:18
ctgriffithsnot sure on the context but would you need to use redirect(>) instead of pipe(|)09:24
ctgriffithsoh no, I misread. You're using tee so ignore me09:25
tiagogomes_ikerperez do this `scripts/test-minimal-system ./minimal-system/sda.img | tee output` instead09:40
ikerperezI just reorganized the code. I am currently doing it like: 1- execute the command; 2- output= $?. So it gets printed and I have the exit status10:06
ikerperezif it doesn't work I will try your solution tiagogomes_10:06
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ikerperezready for review
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