IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2018-10-01

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tiagogomesWhat is this "policy compliance check failed" about:
ikerperezit's probably an syntax error10:46
ikerpereztiagogomes ^^10:46
ikerperezit happened to me several times when integrating gitect10:46
tiagogomesso what is the solution for this10:47
ikerpereznow has succeed10:54
ikerperezIt could be an error of the server10:54
ikerperezyou had a merge request right?10:54
tiagogomesI did10:55
* tiagogomes retries the job10:55
ikerperezok, to be successful it needs a merge request. It could be something about the server, it worked now so it's fine.10:56
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tiagogomesI've two merge requests two the minimal distro:
flatmushmerged both13:18
flatmush2nd one will merge once pipeline completes cause of rebase, should take about 12 mins13:19
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