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* paulsherwood wonders what means07:15
paulsherwoodit's all very well having gitect in the pipelines, but without any meaningful error message it's not fit for its purpose07:16
paulsherwoodiker: pls can you take a look at this?07:17
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ikerpaulsherwood, The policy check needs a merge request to be successful07:25
ikerThat's probably the reason of the error07:25
paulsherwoodthen it's broken07:27
paulsherwoodthere's no point in giving me a failed ci just because i haven't created a mr07:27
paulsherwoodfailure of the pipeline suggests that i am somehow breaking policy just by pushing a branch, which must be incorrect07:33
ikerI think that until there is not a merge request the necessary information for the merge request can't be provide or something similar. That's the way gitect works at the moment, however you could open a merge request with the WIP prefix to check if it is successful.07:33
paulsherwoodpls raise an issue on gitect, then07:34
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ikerpaulsherwood, I explained myself incorrectly. If there is not a merge request, the necessary information for the POLICY CHECK can't be provided, or something similar07:41
paulsherwoodeven so, as a user i create a branch... my ci shouldn't fail as a result of 'policy' with no guidance on what i need to do07:59
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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, Shaun, iker, ctgriffiths09:45
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)09:45
flatmush* Done09:45
flatmush  - E-mail about git issues09:45
flatmush    - Awaiting response09:45
flatmush  - More junction stuff with freedesktop-sdk09:45
flatmush  - freedesktop-sdk pkgconf patch.09:45
flatmush  - Help ctgriffiths install Xubuntu09:45
flatmush* Doing09:45
flatmush  - Finish off junctioning minimal-distro09:45
flatmush  - Add ssh to test element of minimal-distro09:45
flatmush  - Get tests running over ssh09:45
flatmush## Shaun Mooney (Shaun)09:45
shaunmooney* Done09:45
shaunmooney  - Studied STPA handbook in more detail09:45
shaunmooney* Doing09:45
shaunmooney  - Getting STPA analysis presentable09:45
shaunmooney    - Add control actions and do STPA for one part of the system (like brakes)09:45
shaunmooney  - Working through primer09:45
shaunmooney* Next09:45
shaunmooney  - AV STPA responsibilites and control actions09:45
shaunmooney* Issues09:45
shaunmooney  - None09:45
shaunmooney## Iker Perez ( iker )09:45
shaunmooneySorry wasn't thinking there, iker isn't here09:47
shaunmooneyctgriffiths you should go next09:47
ctgriffiths## Craig Griffiths (ctgriffiths)09:47
ctgriffiths  * Done09:47
ctgriffiths    - Start looking at what is required for ssh on the minimal image.09:47
ctgriffiths      - Debugging build issues.09:47
ctgriffiths      - benbrewer/freedesktop-sdk-junction successfully building on an09:47
ctgriffiths        ubuntu VM09:47
ctgriffiths  * Doing09:47
ctgriffiths    - Work on ssh for minimal image and work out what can be junctioned09:47
ctgriffiths      from freedesktop-sdk.09:47
ctgriffiths## Discussion09:47
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!09:48
paulsherwoodshaunmooney: pls can you take a look at
* paulsherwood discovers
* paulsherwood notices there are equations in it, and wonders if that might interest locallycompact 10:26
shaunmooneypaulsherwood: other than a couple of small typos (which I've commented on the gitlab) looks good10:32
locallycompactpaulsherwood: don't recognize those words10:34
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: :)10:37
locallycompactbut I will tell you what is baffling me10:38
paulsherwoodshaunmooney: what's wrong with "appears to be applicable"? we won't know unless/until we've tried it, i think?10:38
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: pls proceed...10:38
shaunmooneypaulsherwood: sorry that was a poor comment. I've updated it. It currently says "appears to applicable"10:40
shaunmooneyyou missed out the word be10:40
paulsherwoodshaunmooney: aha! thanks10:40
locallycompactWhy, do the STPA crowd at MIT, and the category theory crowd at MIT who are working on composition of dynamical systems and control systems, explicitly referencing safety of autonomous vehicles and quote a safety project in conjunction with NASA, have zero cross citations between them.10:40
locallycompactDo they know the other exists?10:40
locallycompact"We now have at least a basic idea of what goes into a proof of safety, say for autonomous10:41
locallycompactvehicles, or airplanes in the national airspace system. In fact, the underlying ideas of10:41
locallycompactthis chapter came out of a project between MIT, Honeywell Inc., and NASA  [SSV18]."10:41
paulsherwoodperhaps they're somehow conflicting/competing?10:42
paulsherwoodgood question, though10:43
persialocallycompact: They probably don't know the other exists.  The institution is large, and the primary means of cross-team collaboration is the chance that people pass each other in a specific very long corridor.10:43
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: based on my own experience, maybe the mathematicians and the engineers are failing to understand each other? :)10:44
paulsherwoodi'm immediately blocked on that paper you've just mentioned, for example because it lobs in functor and monoid as if they were 'sesame street language'10:47
paulsherwoodis there some dictionary for these terms, preferably with janet-and-john style examples?10:48
locallycompactThey're algebraic terms though, there are colorful analogies and examples for monoid and functor abound, but they all allude to a precise algebraic definition11:00
locallycompactI could give you an actual primer and you can try and laymanize it11:03
locallycompactThe introduction to chapter 7 is so strikingly similar11:13
locallycompactto what I believe I understand about STPA11:13
locallycompact"This ability to zoom in and see a single unit as being composed of others is important11:13
locallycompactfor design. But at the end of the day, you eventually need to stop diving down and11:13
locallycompactsimply use the properties of the components in front of you to prove properties of11:13
locallycompactthe composed system. Your job is to design the system at a given level, taking the11:13
locallycompactcomponent properties of lower-level systems as given"11:13
locallycompact"We will think of each component in terms of the relationship it maintains (through11:14
locallycompacttime) between the changing values on its ports."11:14
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