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ikerpaulsherwood, where can I find information about av-stapa?10:02
ikerthank you10:03
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ikerpaulsherwood, should I add the av-stpa like a submodule?10:26
paulsherwoodiker: i don't understand your question10:36
paulsherwoodsubmodule of what/10:36
ikerI founf that on Gitlab you can add a repo to another repo like a submodule.
ikerI just wanted to know if that's the way that I should include it10:37
paulsherwoodi don't think so10:38
paulsherwoodwhenever i've seen git submodules in other contexts, the result has been less than ideal10:38
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ikerpaulsherwood, I need to be included in the av-stpa repo to be able to add gitect11:11
paulsherwoodiker: what's your gitlab id?11:15
paulsherwoodiker: ok, try now11:16
ikerworked, thanks!11:16
paulsherwoodiker: "Currently there are no changes in this merge request's source branch."11:23
paulsherwoodiker: i'm sorry, that can't be merged. it's not publishing any evidence of anything. "Latency-measure test finished" is of no value11:29
paulsherwoodplease figure out a way to get the evidence of the test out, either by copying the results file, or logging somethinh11:29
ikerflatmush said that We won't be able to do it until ssh is integrated, maybe we should wait to approve the merge request until ssh is included?11:33
paulsherwoodi don't believe that it's impossible to get *some* output from the test?11:43
paulsherwoodcan't it report maximum latency etc so we see that in the CI log?11:43
ikerI will do a research11:44
flatmushpaulsherwood: The current test scripts only scrape the stdout of qemu, it's a very messy way of doing anything12:01
flatmushgetting ssh for tests is the only sensible way to do this12:01
flatmushbut that's now dependent on porting to freedesktop sdk which I'm now working on12:01
flatmushany hacks to scrape latency-test results from stdout are going to be wasted effort in the long run12:02
* paulsherwood is bemused. the ci reports lots of output. are we saying we can't get the latency-measure script to report anything at all here?13:16
flatmushpaulsherwood: I'm not saying we can't, I'm saying it's impractical and wasted work13:26
flatmushcurrently the only output we get is the stdout from qemu13:26
flatmushwe could write a hacky script to grab the output from the stdout13:27
flatmushbut the better approach is to use ssh to get the output and an error code13:27
flatmushso I believe it's worth waiting until we have ssh in the system13:27
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paulsherwoodok, let's not merge that change yet, then since 'test ran' with no offer of results doesn't add any value afaict13:43
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