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* paulsherwood wonders what that means, exactly13:53
paulsherwoodi just approved addition of gitect into the pipeline13:54
paulsherwoodit's not the friendliest of programs, is it? :-)13:54
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paulsherwoodhi willbarnard - i've just been asking what means13:56
paulsherwoodit's not obvious how i fix it13:58
paulsherwoodor what the problem is13:58
weyfonkthe approvals policy on, against which trustable/overview is configured, is set as 'gitlab-ee-approvals', which means gitlab's own 'Approve' functionality is used to assess policy compliance here14:01
willbarnardyes, its unfortunate that gitlab ci doesn't give the full output for multiline scripts14:01
weyfonkthe corresponding MR, namely, still requires approvals, hence the policy check failure14:01
willbarnardThe service account wasn't included in the project membership, I have added it now14:15
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paulsherwoodhmmm. still need better indication than 'policy failed' imo14:41
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paulsherwoodsome guidance on which policy element was not satisfied14:42
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paulsherwoodwillbarnard: still failing14:49
paulsherwoodpolicy should only be checked on attempting to merge, i would have thought?14:49
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paulsherwoodwillbarnard: if this won't be fixed soon, i'll have to revert the gitect ci14:56
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willbarnardit is reporting a permissions error, but I don't see anything obviously wrong with the configuration15:19
paulsherwoodwhere is it reporting that?15:20
willbarnardin the logs15:23
willbarnardthe pre-receive hook is rejecting the push15:23
paulsherwoodcould it be related to me renaming the project? (previously overview was something else, i did overview => overview.old and workflow => overview)15:28
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willbarnardI don't think that would cause an issue15:30
willbarnardok I found the issue15:32
paulsherwoodcool! what was it?15:33
willbarnardThere is a setting in GitLab for Committer restriction push rule, this was enabled which was causing the push to be rejected15:33
paulsherwoodand can i get a reviww/approval?15:33
willbarnardI will need to look at exactly why that setting is a problem15:34
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