IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2018-08-22

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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, noisecell09:44
flatmush* Done09:44
flatmush  - Wrote an e-mail providing counter-points to OS requirements.09:44
flatmush  - Assisted noisecell in an attempt to replace busybox with toybox.09:44
flatmush  - Looked at python for broken morph import script with noisecell.09:44
flatmush  - Argue with persia about the "realtime computing" wikipedia page.09:45
flatmush* Doing09:45
flatmush  - Attempt to gather some requirements.09:45
flatmush  - Attempt to refine minimal-distro.09:45
flatmush## Francisco Redondo Marchena (noisecell)09:45
noisecell* Done09:45
noisecell    - Try to replace busybox by toybox on bootstrap time09:45
noisecell      - toybox is not released yet 0.7.7 -- so no 1.0.0 release09:45
noisecell        - some important packages are still under development and described09:45
noisecell          by them as "use under your own will" like sh -- which09:45
noisecell          makes this package not being able to be used in a trustable distro.09:45
noisecell          <>09:45
noisecell* Doing09:45
noisecell  - Investigate if coreutils is a good replacement for busybox.09:45
noisecell# Discussion09:45
flatmushAny points?09:45
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!09:45
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