IRC logs for #trustable for Tuesday, 2018-07-17

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flatmushSTANDUP! Order: flatmush, noisecell, willbarnard_09:55
flatmush## Ben Brewer (flatmush)09:55
flatmush* Done09:55
flatmush  - Tooling discussion09:55
flatmush  - Discussion about latencies in linux09:55
flatmush* Doing09:55
flatmush  - Build minimal system using morphs: linux, toybox and musl09:55
flatmush  - Read up on ISO 26262-609:55
flatmush## Francisco Redondo Marchena (noisecell)09:55
noisecell* Done09:55
noisecell  - Meeting about build tool and minimal system09:55
noisecell  - Meeting about minimize latency09:55
noisecell* Doing09:55
noisecell  - Reading ISO-26262 document09:55
noisecell  - Read provided documentation09:55
noisecell  - Create new minimal system from definitions using morphs09:55
noisecell  - Trim the system and update packages to latest versions.09:55
noisecell## Will Barnard (willbarnard_)09:58
willbarnard_* Doing09:59
willbarnard_  - Analyzing certification requirements for ISO 26262/IEC 6150809:59
flatmush## Discussion10:01
flatmushI can see you're in a meeting at the minute willbarnard, so there's no need for a long discussion, but you should probably try to breakdown your task. Pasting the same task every day doesn't really give much insight.10:02
flatmushSTANDUP ENDS!10:02
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