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ashwinijkhello, it seems bit simpler but still I'm stuck at installing mustard. Any suggestions for successful installation?12:15
KinnisonCould you let us know how far you got, and what your current sticking point is?12:15
KinnisonYou can use a paste-bin if there's a lot of text (e.g. a big traceback)12:15
* paulsher1ood tends to go the vagrant route12:16
ashwinijki tried vagrant route, i.e. first i tried to download it but is said its not compatible with current firefox version12:17
ashwinijkKinnison: as initial phase, i cloned it , 2) then i executed .sh file for clearing installation dependencies. 3) i gave a proper input directory also, initialised  git for input directory.12:19
KinnisonI don't quite follow12:19
Kinnisonwhat is the error you see?12:20
ashwinijknext i executed ./mustard-render -b -r -j ./plantuml.jar -p/.inputDir12:20
Kinnisonokay, so you cloned a mustard dataset into your mustard checkout?12:20
ashwinijk File "/home/ashwinikammar/Documents/new/mustard-master/mustard/", line 124, in resolve_ref     return self.repo.revparse_single(ref).hex KeyError: 'HEAD'12:20
ashwinijkthis is the error12:20
KinnisonThat sounds like your project directory lacks a dataset12:22
Kinnisonbecause it can't retrieve the HEAD ref12:22
KinnisonMustard *MUST* be able to resolve HEAD or it won't work because it starts out rendering the most recently *committed* dataset12:22
KinnisonIt sounds like a good first patch for ashwinijk to work on might be README updates to make all this clearer :-D12:23
ashwinijkohh, sure Kinnison , ill work on that now and try to resolve it. Thanks for your time:)12:24
KinnisonNo problems.12:25
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