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persiaFor folk thinking about versioned series of patchsets may be interesting.  Annoying in some ways (as it doesn't store an applied state), but handy in others (as it provides history tracking for unapplied sequences of changes).03:49
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KinnisonSounds similar (though not identical) to git-series by Josh Triplett09:17
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bapophis_persia, i won't have time to look at that until (at least) tomorrow anyway10:05
persiaKinnison: Yes, very.12:06
persiabapophis_: No rush: I just encountered it in another context, and was reminded of our recent discussion about models for sequences of changes.  I don't much like any of the "track versions of the set of patches without including the subject" solutions, but they are part of the wider conversation regarding "how can I produce both a sensible history and a complete audit log".12:43
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persiaFor folk interested in audit logs for automation:

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