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* CTtpollard ponders what's best to try & focus on11:05
CTtpollard(which doesn't involve wrangling gem dependency hell)11:17
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paulsherwoodCTtpollard: i was going to ask you what you'd decided :)12:34
CTtpollardstill trying to get a foothold on something13:12
CTtpollardpreferably as part of an on-going project13:14
paulsherwoodwhat have you considered so far?13:20
paulsherwood(even including the gem hell)13:20
CTtpollardI started looking at gollum & their wip13:22
CTtpollardwhich once deployable has some nice changes such as support for the ace editor (Along with yaml frontmatter rendering) however it also removes the liveviewer13:24
CTtpollardDidn't get much in response from #gitlab13:24
CTtpollardfreedesktop sounds interesting from the snippets of info I can find13:24
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: ok, well i suggest the most useful thing would be help make freedesktop-sdk reproducible13:27
paulsherwoodie bit-for-bit13:27
paulsherwoodand if that is too easy, then start progressing up the gnome stack :)13:28
* CTtpollard was impressed at the latest stats from debian reproducible, after not looking for over a year13:35
paulsherwoodCTtpollard: that's probably a false indicator14:03
paulsherwoodthe remaining ones are the hardest14:03
CTtpollardoh definitely14:04
paulsherwoodso if you're up for a challenge, #freedesktop-sdk, #reproducible-builds on freenode, #buildstream on gimpnet14:04
paulsherwood(fixing reproducible issues is strangely hard... the bugs are often weird)14:05
CTtpollardI'm already there :)14:06
CTtpollard& even weirder when CI comes into the mix14:06
paulsherwoodalso, i have a slight fear that the buildstream folks have maybe forgotten/missed some of the implications for trustability14:08
paulsherwoodbut i hope i'm wrong14:08
paulsherwood(e.g. i think they are building from upstreams direct. no sane production project would do that... so how easy is it to continue consuming any buildstream 'reference distro' while making guarantees and not trusting the internet)14:19
CTtpollardYeh you mentioned trove usage before14:32
CTtpollardyocto have made some improvements since I was actively maintaining a poky based system too14:36
CTtpollard(99% reproducible rate claimed on building a core minimal system of debian packages)14:38
CTtpollardalthough not merged yet14:38
CTtpollardI presume that matches the debian success rates for the same package with no offenders generated by the buildsystem14:39
paulsherwoodok, first task... establish the equivalent metric for freedesktop-sdk14:39
paulsherwoodpreferably as part of their ci :)14:40
CTtpollardyep, only considering yocto here as I'm trying to gather what the current conversion is from the existing system14:41
CTtpollard(which is yocto based)14:41
paulsherwoodoh, interesting - i didn't realise that14:44
CTtpollard it may have been fully replaced now, I'm just going off the wiki here14:45
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