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locallycompactIt never occured to me that major version control systems do this incorrectly
locallycompactBut now that I've seen it I remember I have had this happen before in the Android codebase10:11
jmacsFor the benefit of other readers, I did just try it this morning and the merge behaviour in git 2.7.4 is the same as what they call darcs merging13:47
jmacsIn other news, Mustard and Doorstop can't be run on the same web server, so I'll have to give up on that13:48
paulsherwoodeek. can/should we drop the mustard in favour of doorstop then?13:50
jmacsMaybe. Doorstop's web front end doesn't look as shiny as Mustard's though at the moment and I don't have much data to put in it yet, so I'll work on those before we switch it13:52
rjekjmacs: Why is that?  Are they both hard-coded to listen on the same port on the same interface?14:13
jmacsThey both work as WSGI applications, and WSGI uses one version of Python per apache instance14:15
rjekCould you run them using a simple WSGI wrapper (that exposes as a web server) and have Apache gateway to it?14:18
jmacsI'm not that familiar with Apache, but I'm trying to get mod_proxy to send requests to a standalone bottle server at the moment14:19
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jmacsOk, so is now up, it may go down again for changes and there's no SSL yet. I would like to make some changes to the stylesheets, then I'll publish it on the list15:43
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