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* persia wonders about how to apply that to trustable21:35
persiaSome ideas:21:35
persia1) Record any merge to any branch in git in an organisation-specific ledger (covering multiple branches in multiple repos), to provide some assurance of continuous history21:36
persia2) Record build results against a set of source trees, to provide some assurance that a given build was produced by a given set of sources21:37
persia2) Record test runs against against a set of build results, so the ledger can validate if tests were run vs. spoofing of review data consumed by the gatekeeper.21:37
persiaErr, that should have been (3)21:38
persia4) Record deployments (with identified build artifacts) to provide assurance that a given deployment originally contained some state21:38
persia5) Record orchestration activities for some assurance of what was supposed to happen in some deployment21:39
* persia doesn'T have any more ideas immediately, but hopes some other folk can suggest some things: blockchain ledgers are cool and fun, but don't actually solve everything.21:40
persiaHrm.  Openchain seems to assume every transaction has a value.  Maybe it needs more playing about to determine how to set up a single-account authenticated ledger where the text content is important, rather than the value.21:43
* paulsherwood is unsure about openchain... it was mentioned by WR in the context of establishing a 'supply chain envelope' with ledgers21:45
persiaModeling a supply chain as a set of accounts with transactions (and distributed assertion of transactions) is a nice way to deal with any later disputes about the history of what happened.  It is also a good method to easily permit triggers by automation ("When I get paid, I take this action until I run out of currency" is fairly easy to implement), but I haven't learned enough about openchain to understand if it can handle transactions more22:37
persiacomplicated than simple transfer of value between accounts.22:37
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