IRC logs for #trustable for Wednesday, 2017-01-25

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* rjek idly boggles at WebEx17:01
LaurenceUrhegyiwhat a pain!17:11
rjek1. Why does WebEx still exist17:12
rjek2. Why do people keep using WebEx17:13
rjekAwful software17:13
LaurenceUrhegyiBecause ISO is footing the bill, rather than Codethink, so my frugal nature is contented :)17:21
LaurenceUrhegyirjek: are you on this call?17:25
LaurenceUrhegyichrispolin, jmacs: are you still interested in the study group?17:26
jmacsI have too much on to take part in it17:26
LaurenceUrhegyiI know the feeling.17:27
chrispolinatm, I think my time is better served with this other project, however I'd still like to be on the mailing list.17:27
rjekLaurenceUrhegyi: wrong end of GPRS, sorry17:32
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LaurenceUrhegyiit's shame you guys didn't make it tonight, but I'm hoping you will join in again soon enough.18:35
LaurenceUrhegyiyou didn't actually miss a whole lot to be honest18:35
LaurenceUrhegyii'll write up the minutes and distribute again18:35
LaurenceUrhegyibut essentially we just went over some of the ground that was discussed on the list18:36
LaurenceUrhegyiI'm hoping it won't be too long before we start getting concrete actions for people to look into certain rules and start analysing them / comparing them18:39
LaurenceUrhegyithe Venn diagram went down well18:39
LaurenceUrhegyiI've taken an action to expand it and bring the TS document in also18:39
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