IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2016-12-22

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paulsherwoodjmacs: that's perfect. how have you done it?08:10
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ChrisPolinExactly what is needed!09:37
jmacspaulsherwood: You request a URL which contains the source repository location and page name. When it find that, it scans the page source for the same URL, and processes the UML inside the most recent HTML comment.10:03
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laurenceurhegyiI cam across this on the OpenControl slack channel15:06
laurenceurhegyiGood to see that OpenControl is gaining some traction15:07
ChrisPolinFurther updates to, as per persia's suggestions.15:54
ChrisPolinOne question however (I may be fit to answer this myself with a little more reading), but it was suggested that 'Auto Merger' is in the wrong place, where should it be? *From* code, *to* where?15:55
ChrisPolinUpdated to use jmacs' rendering service, so now the UML can be edited within the wiki. Feel free to change anything you feel needs changing.16:25
jmacsIt worked‽16:30
ChrisPolinAh, pasted in the wrong UML though, it's missing bits lol.16:31
ChrisPolinMy fault rather than the service's.16:31
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persiaChrisPolin: My preferred automerger processes the metainformation stored in a Patch Tracker by human reviewers and a CI system to make merge decisions.17:22
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