IRC logs for #trustable for Thursday, 2016-12-08

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jmacspaulsherwood: Could you make me 'owner' on the trustable gitlab group please?11:48
andrewleeming_jmacs, done12:34
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* leeming wonders what the difference between master/owner is12:35
jmacsOwner has more privileges than master12:43
jmacsThanks leeming12:44
leemingI guessed that. I assume owner just has the control over setting new privileges?12:44
jmacsWell, as master you can give out some privileges12:48
jmacsBeing owner allows you to transfer or delete repositories, which is what I needed12:49
jmacs should now be clonable without a password. I had to recreate it to do that, so any existing checkouts may not work. Sorry about that.13:29
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