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paulsherwoodjmacs: i've merge your mustard change, will rebase my pr09:06
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paulsherwoodjmacs: did you ever have to do the special pygit build thing? i'm wondering if it's no longer necessary... the Vagrant setup doesn't require it for example09:11
jmacsSo far as I remember, I've always had to do it on Debian stable systems09:20
paulsherwoodeek... i notice has no https09:20
jmacsIt's on the agenda09:20
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jmacsI may be able to delegate that one09:21
jmacsThanks for the merge09:23
paulsherwoodjmacs: is the wsgi currently set up with a single repo hard-coded?09:23
paulsherwoodi'm wondering if we could make it work for
paulsherwoodnot sure how safe that would be, or performant, though09:25
jmacsWSGI is not set up at all on that server09:25
jmacsI have it set up locally and I'm intending to switch over soon09:25
jmacsI'm sure having /repo-url could be made to work; I'd estimate several weeks of work for it though09:27
jmacsIt'd be less for an experienced web developer09:27
* rjek is suddenly reminded of
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paulsherwoodjmacs: one thing i noticed.... the screenshots of mustard are a mustard for mustard (so to speak)14:47
paulsherwoodi wonder what happened to that repo14:48
jmacsI have a feeling that exists somewhere but I didn't want to use it as an example as it was a bit meta14:49
jmacsI'll see if I can find it again14:49
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jmacsThe main CFP for FOSDEM is closed, but it looks like some of the devrooms still accept submissions14:56
jmacs"Security" and "Testing and Automation" are open and could work15:02
laurenceurhegyijmacs, paulsherwood, could you expand on 'the screenshots of mustard' and how they are 'a mustard for mustard'? I'm not sure what this means.15:13
jmacsLook at
jmacsThere are screenshots on there which show Mustard for Mustard15:13
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jmacsReading the previous Test & Automation talks at the moment and not sure I want to shoehorn in Trustable15:33
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laurenceurhegyiRe the Lightning Talks - FOSDEM announce which ones they have chosen on 19 December (Paul has submitted an entry to talk at FOSDEM, for the benefit of anyone wondering what we're talking about)16:05
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