IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2016-11-28

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paulsherwoodjmacs: i've pushed some changes to the baserock-content mustard, further sanitizing it and creating a branch08:35
* paulsherwood is wondering if we can use gitlab-ci to autodeploy changes08:36
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jmacsgitlab-ci is on the agena10:01
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paulsherwoodjmacs: can i interest you in ?11:37
paulsherwoodalso, i'm considering it might make sense to deprecate the github, make gitlab/trustable/mustard the de-facto upstream?11:38
jmacsI'll take a look11:40
paulsherwoodalso, in passing i notice that must be only pulling master11:40
* paulsherwood is being a pest today11:41
jmacsI only pulled master, I think. When it's automated through gitlab CI I'll make sure it pulls all the branches.11:42
jmacspaulsherwood: Which branch were you expecting to see on
paulsherwoodjmacs: oops.... baserock-freeze (i hadn't pushed it, though)11:50
paulsherwoodit's there now11:50
jmacsThat's visible on now11:55
paulsherwoodw00t! :)11:56
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pedroalvareznetworky problems in the provider14:06
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