IRC logs for #trustable for Monday, 2016-11-14

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* paulsherwood is about to generate a first-pass website for #trustable12:16
* paulsherwood wonders about the pros and cons of a wiki vs a static website (eg via pelican)12:17
paulsherwoodany strong views one way or the other?12:18
paulsherwoodi'm currently leaning towards pelican for the main site, and wikis for specific subtopic content (eg c standard discussion)12:19
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ChrisPolinCTI think a site is a good idea as an introductory tool for the trustable concept, for anyone who is unfamiliar with the project.12:21
ChrisPolinCTIt's a more digestible format than a wiki page.12:21
jmacsI'd agree with Pelican for the main site, since most of the git-backed wikis look awful12:22
paulsherwoodjmacs: for the wikis, would your criticism extend to gitlab wikis?12:25
paulsherwoodor github wikis?12:26
jmacsFrom what I've seen of gitlab's wiki, it's missing a lot of features I'd consider essential to wikis (e.g. tags)12:27
jmacsAlso, is too slow, but that wouldn't be a problem if we hosted it ourselves12:27
jmacsI haven't had time to use github's wiki feature much.12:29
paulsherwoodjmacs: if you were pushed to *choose* a git-backed wiki, which would you recommend here?12:29
jmacsgitlab, at the moment.12:30
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paulsherwoodok, thanks12:42
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laurenceurhegyiI note (with sadness) that no-one has responded to jmacs 'Method For Trustable Software' on the mailing list13:38
laurenceurhegyiIs there anyone specifically on there whom we would have liked a response from?13:39
laurenceurhegyiOr was it a more general post?13:39
laurenceurhegyiIn which case I think it may be useful to re-send and have the points pasted in to the email. I find people are more likely to read the body of an email than click to a link elsewhere.13:40
jmacsI think it would be spammy to send it again13:44
* paulsherwood will send some feedback today15:49
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