IRC logs for #trustable for Friday, 2016-11-04

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mdunfordThat might be interesting for peeps here11:45
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jmacsI wonder if we're working towards a general git-backed project management system15:09
paulsherwoodpossibly :)15:10
jmacsAs long as you don't suggest git-backed IRC, I think it's possible15:11
rjekWe can write a bot that checks in IRC logs!15:12
jmacsThat's not a completely horrible idea15:13
rjekIt's very almost one15:13
jmacsI'm also getting dangerously close to writing a Manifesto, which I said I'd never do16:00
paulsherwoodjmacs: for trustable software, or something else?16:01
jmacsTrustable software16:02
paulsherwoodwell if you do, please make it prescriptive, rather than 'we prefer a over b'16:09
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