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laurenceurhegyiOrder placed for MISRA C09:17
laurenceurhegyiI imagine they'll send the PDF in an email to us, so I'll ping that to you ChrisPolin whenever I get it09:17
ChrisPolinExcellent. The pdf should be downloadable?09:17
ChrisPolinGood stuff, keep me posted.09:17
laurenceurhegyiHowever they provide it, I'll keep you posted.09:21
laurenceurhegyiMay well be too large for an email, thinking on.09:21
ChrisPolinthe 2004 version is 1.1 mb, so it should be grand.09:24
laurenceurhegyiSo CERT-C is available freely and openly, ChrisPolin?09:52
laurenceurhegyiIs that as a result of the discussion on the Trustable Software mailing list?09:53
ChrisPolinI'm just reading into it here, apparently so.09:54
ChrisPolinI'm not entirely up on copyright language, which is why I'm slightly reluctant to put in the PR until I'm sure/get express permission from Robert on the mailing list.09:55
paulsherwoodInternal use:* Permission to reproduce this material and to prepare derivative works from this material for in- ternal use is granted, provided the copyright and “No Warranty” statements are included with all reproductions and derivative works.09:57
paulsherwoodExternal use:* This material may be reproduced in its entirety, without modification, and freely distributed in written or electronic form without requesting formal permission. Permission is required for any other external and/or commercial use. Requests for permission should be directed to the Software Engineering Institute at
ChrisPolinWas just about to post that. I asked on the mailing list but didn't hear anything back, so I'll ping an email off to them directly.09:58
ChrisPolinI guess our application is for both internal and external use.09:59
persiaGiven those licensing conditions, the interesting question becomes: is there an intent to modify the material?  If not, going with the external use licensing, and publishing it somewhere for reference is probably easiest.10:02
ChrisPolinIt's not a modification *as such*.10:03
ChrisPolinIt's simply a listing of the controls as stated. It's effectively the contents page.10:03
jmacsIt's a derivative work10:04
jmacsThose conditions don't mention derivative works, so you'd have to ask for permission.10:04
ChrisPolinI have done at any rate, so best to be belt-and-braces about it.10:05
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ChrisPolinJust got that email Laurence, and promptly emailed the PDF to you instead of me.12:50
ChrisPolinGot it now lol.12:50
laurenceurhegyiCool. It's a 'single-user' PDF.12:51
laurenceurhegyiNot entirely sure what that means.12:51
ChrisPolinWell, I'll get it into the YAML format for OpenControl and make comparisons to CERT-C now, while I'm waiting on permission from MISRA.12:52
laurenceurhegyiOK, cheers.12:54
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laurenceurhegyiWe have been invited to suggest topics for the Open Control Symposium tomorrow14:39
laurenceurhegyiFor the afternoon session14:39
laurenceurhegyiWhich will be starting 7/8pm UK time...14:40
laurenceurhegyiOh no, lunch break ends at 1pm EST. So 6pm here.14:41
laurenceurhegyiWe can still put forward ideas, whether we attend the session or not, as they may or may not vote for them, by the looks of things.14:43
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