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jmacsRight, PikeOS isn't all that relevant.10:47
locallycompactwhat is it10:48
jmacsA real-time hypervisor which meets a lot of certifications. But it's closed-source, so not something we can learn a lot from.10:49
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* locallycompact missed the response to this
* locallycompact wonders how handlers (dict) is sufficient type documentation12:30
paulsherwoodby $ref do you mean anchors?12:42
paulsherwoodie when yaml crates a &label for an element12:43
paulsherwoodlocallycompact: ^^12:43
locallycompactwhat's an anchor12:43
paulsherwoodsomething like &001 etc iirc12:44
locallycompactdno that12:44
locallycompact$ref refers to another schema12:44
locallycompacteither a different file or one declared in the same file under a particular name12:44
locallycompactits internal implementation goes:12:44
locallycompactso everything has to be json when it resolves12:45
locallycompact# is the current document12:45
locallycompactwhich is fine if you loaded it into python as an object12:45
locallycompactbut when it goes for the chunk.json-schema one it will go for it as json and crash12:46
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ChrisPolinHi all, I've just got the ok from Joshua McKenty re: inviting everyone to the opencontrol slack. I realise it's probably of more interest to some of you than others, so instead of spamming everyone, I'll invite the regular group attendees and if anyone else wants in, just let me know here.15:24
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