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jmacslocallycompact: Was the thing you were talking about last night?09:43
locallycompactyes it's pretty good for simple lambda like from json -> json09:45
locallycompacthere's a crude example against baserock V8
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rjeklaurenceurhegyi: As facinating as that webinar sounds, it'll be 4-5am where I am14:23
jmacsThat's a more sociable time than 7pm on a Friday14:24
laurenceurhegyirjek: I knew it would be, but thought I'd invite you anyway.14:35
leemingque for checking his email14:38
leemingi wonder if it will be recorded at all14:40
rjeklaurenceurhegyi: Thank you for thinking of me :)14:41
jmacsIn case anyone was thinking a checklist with "use encrypted communications" was too obvious to be useful14:55
leemingoh my15:16
* leeming facepalm15:16
leemingrelated, recently heard that you need to notify a crematorium if a body has a pacemaker, else it will explode15:18
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