13:04:25 <jki> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:04:31 <jki> hi all
13:04:42 <masami> hi
13:04:42 <uli> hello
13:04:48 <iwamatsu> hi
13:04:49 <pav31> hi
13:04:50 <jki> and hi to all our bots ;)
13:04:51 <alicefm> hi
13:04:56 <patersonc[m]> Bonjour
13:05:07 <josiah> Hi
13:05:47 <jki> #topic AI review
13:06:07 <jki> 1. Try out KernelCI branches for CIP maintainers - pavel & iwamatsu
13:06:57 <pav31> It looks like kernelci is monitoring kernel.org, and I'm using gitlab for temporary work. I'll ask patersonc to update it.
13:07:25 <patersonc[m]> Do you want to monitor the RC/test branches only on gitlab?
13:08:07 <pav31> Yes, please.
13:08:24 <patersonc[m]> Okay. Sorry about that. I forgot we didn't push those to kernel.org
13:08:27 <patersonc[m]> Will get fixed
13:08:50 <alicefm> i will review the MR
13:09:03 <pav31> Thank you!
13:10:16 <jki> other than that, it's working now? or was this a blocker?
13:10:35 <patersonc[m]> Blocker
13:10:52 <jki> ok, then let's see - soon
13:11:07 <pav31> I'll need more help understanding the results -- I tried to go through 4.4 and could find a lot of failures, but no kernel problems I could debug.
13:12:40 <jki> who can help?
13:13:47 <patersonc[m]> Maybe it's best to ask on #kernelci for help interpreting their results?
13:14:00 <patersonc[m]> They'd value the feedback as they are looking to improve
13:14:42 <pav31> I'd really hope someone here would help.
13:15:16 <patersonc[m]> I'll also look
13:15:41 <pav31> Thank you.
13:16:49 <jki> ok, anything else on this?
13:17:34 <jki> 2. Send CIP follow-up on 4.4 discontinuation notice - pavel
13:19:02 <pav31> Yes, will do. I'll use the wording that was previewed on the mailing list.
13:19:30 <jki> sounds good to me
13:19:33 <jki> TIA!
13:19:57 <jki> 3. Draft press announcement about 5.10 release and 4.4 self-maintenance - jan
13:20:20 <jki> unfortunately, still a todo - need to make an appointment with me
13:21:12 <jki> anything else?
13:21:29 <jki> 3
13:21:30 <jki> 2
13:21:31 <jki> 1
13:21:34 <jki> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:22:03 <uli> reviewed 5.10.101
13:22:37 <masami> There was 9 new CVEs this week.
13:23:01 <iwamatsu> I reviewed 5.10.101 and reviewing 5.10.94
13:23:02 <masami> working on to fix CVE-2022-0492.
13:23:17 <pav31> Reviews: 5.10.101. I started looking at 4.4.X tree.
13:24:47 <pav31> Would it make sense if I took over formatting patch lists for the wiki?
13:24:58 <pav31> That's wiki/5.10.y$.
13:25:29 <pav31> I'm doing it anyway, and it is a bit of manual work.
13:26:01 <iwamatsu> +1
13:26:04 <uli> +1
13:26:15 <pav31> Ok, thanks :-).
13:26:48 <pav31> I may add few more fields to the table to make scripting easier.
13:27:35 <jki> coordination via the wiki works otherwise?
13:27:54 <pav31> It is starting to.
13:28:03 <jki> good :)
13:28:41 <pav31> I'd like to talk about 4.4 self-maintainance.
13:29:26 <pav31> I believe we should start testing 4.9.X in the same way we were testing 4.4.X; if there's breakage pending we should catch it ASAP.
13:30:49 <iwamatsu> it is good idea.
13:30:54 <jki> yet another build and test run, or more effort needed?
13:31:25 <pav31> Just switch existing 4.4.X testing to run 4.9.X. 4.4.302 was likely the last update.
13:31:42 <iwamatsu> Does the test do the same as 4.4.y on reference hw?
13:32:08 <patersonc[m]> Maybe more reference hardware is natively supported in v4.9
13:32:27 <patersonc[m]> Would we need to create a v4.9 version of cip-kernel-configs?
13:32:39 <patersonc[m]> Not every config is a defconfig
13:32:51 <pav31> So the first priority would be to run the existing 4.4 board tests on 4.9.
13:33:02 <pav31> If there's more hardware that can run, that would be a bonus.
13:33:13 <iwamatsu> haha
13:33:56 <pav31> And yes, that means we probably should add directories in cip-kernel-configs.
13:35:07 <iwamatsu> Would you like to regenerate it for 4.9?
13:35:57 <pav31> I have not done it before. I'd be inclined to just cp -a and see what breaks :-).
13:36:33 <iwamatsu> The config is specified by path in config files for build framework, so we can control it with the config file, if we do not need to regenerate
13:39:36 <jki> who can pick this topic up?
13:39:37 <iwamatsu> I see.
13:40:17 <iwamatsu> I can do first servay
13:40:34 <iwamatsu> survey
13:40:41 <pav31> Thank you.
13:40:48 <jki> thanks!
13:40:52 <patersonc[m]> Once the configs are in place I can update linux-stable-rc-ci
13:41:13 <pav31> Plus, we should probably start reviewing 4.9.X the way we used to review 4.4.X.
13:41:25 <iwamatsu> OK
13:41:38 <jki> indeed
13:41:52 <pav31> And we should decide branch names and release names for 4.4-stable.
13:44:02 <jki> just continue with official style?
13:44:19 <iwamatsu> +1
13:44:19 <jki> location is different, branch name need not be IMHO
13:44:32 <pav31> Ok. And will we simply name our release "4.4.303"?
13:45:18 <jki> if we appended "cip", it would be confusing
13:45:37 <iwamatsu> I am preferred.
13:45:38 <jki> we would otherwise have to invent a new suffix
13:45:47 <pav31> Yep. We could append "-stable".
13:46:05 <pav31> I'm okay with using 4.4.303, but wonder if we should ask Greg if that's okay with him...?
13:46:20 <jki> +1, better ask first
13:46:32 <pav31> Ok, cool :-).
13:46:53 <jki> gives also the chance to explain to him upfront what this branch will be
13:47:11 <patersonc[m]> We're only pushing to our own repo, so he probably won't care
13:47:26 <jki> probably
13:47:31 <patersonc[m]> Worth asking just to raise awareness though
13:47:37 <jki> but less surprises are better
13:47:52 <pav31> +1. We may want to publish both stable release and a queue that is considered for testing.
13:48:26 <pav31> So he was using the namespace first, I guess he will not care but I'd ask.
13:50:35 <jki> ok - anything else regarding 4.4?
13:51:18 <pav31> That was everything from my side.
13:51:40 <jki> question: what is the timeline for a next 5.10-cip release?
13:52:44 <iwamatsu> Since the GCC problem has been solved, I will be released new 5.10.Y-cip.
13:53:39 <iwamatsu> pav31: 5.10.100-rt has been released, so I would like to based on 5.10.100. is it OK?
13:53:57 <pav31> Ok with me. That should make my life easy.
13:54:06 <iwamatsu> ;-)
13:54:14 <pav31> Last 5.10-rt was in 12/2021, so it is time.
13:54:27 <jki> yep, that would be great
13:54:48 <jki> cool - anything else for kernel maintenance?
13:54:57 <jki> 3
13:55:00 <jki> 2
13:55:03 <jki> 1
13:55:06 <jki> #topic Kernel testing
13:55:17 <patersonc[m]> GCC issue has been fixed
13:55:24 <patersonc[m]> Thank you Iwamatsu-san for your help
13:55:29 <jki> yeah!
13:55:35 <patersonc[m]> e.g. https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-kernel/linux-cip/-/pipelines/472755637
13:55:40 <patersonc[m]> https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-testing/linux-stable-rc-ci/-/pipelines/473171426
13:55:56 <patersonc[m]> I've also created the MR for adding the gitlab mirror to kernelci: https://github.com/kernelci/kernelci-core/pull/1042
13:56:11 <patersonc[m]> That's probably it from me
13:57:19 <jki> any further topics here?
13:57:34 <jki> 3
13:57:37 <jki> 2
13:57:38 <jki> 1
13:57:41 <jki> #topic AOB
13:57:53 <jki> new bot!
13:58:13 <jki> old logs have been migrated, new logs should now be generated
13:58:21 <jki> we will see after this meeting
13:58:44 <patersonc[m]> \o/
13:58:45 <jki> then we could actually ask to shut down the previous bot, I think
13:59:30 <jki> just the question would be: who to ask?
13:59:53 <jki> patersonc[m]: our previous contact had no access anymore, right?
14:00:27 <patersonc[m]> I think ironfoot does, but not officially
14:00:47 <patersonc[m]> I have to leave, sorry. Chat to you all soon
14:01:02 <jki> ok
14:01:11 <jki> then let's ask him once we a fine with the new one
14:01:22 <jki> anything else?
14:01:50 <ironfoot> Ping me whenever needed
14:02:06 <jki> oh, thanks! :)
14:02:41 <jki> so, no further topics, let's close in
14:02:43 <jki> 3
14:02:46 <jki> 2
14:02:47 <jki> 1
14:02:50 <jki> #endmeeting