13:02:34 <alicef> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:02:43 <masami> hello
13:03:01 <alicef> hi o/
13:03:26 <alicef> let's start the roll call
13:03:30 <alicef> o/
13:03:31 <uli> present
13:03:57 <josiah> Hi
13:04:02 <masami> hi
13:04:23 <iwamatsu> hi
13:04:31 <patersonc[m]> Afternoon
13:04:44 <alicef> pave1 is missing
13:04:55 <alicef> hi patersonc[m]
13:05:41 <alicef> ok, let's get started.
13:05:49 <alicef> #topic AI review
13:05:57 <alicef> 1. Provide v3 of kernelci patches for isar-cip-core - alicef
13:06:20 <pave1> hi
13:06:23 <alicef> sent the rebased patch
13:06:38 <alicef> hi pave1 o/
13:07:25 <alicef> waiting for Kiszka review
13:07:34 <alicef> 2. Clarify with KernelCI whether CIP maintainers can get accounts - patersonc alicef
13:08:11 <alicef> patersonc[m] any news on this ?
13:08:48 <patersonc[m]> nope
13:08:58 <alicef> I see you opened the issue on kernelci-core https://github.com/kernelci/kernelci-core/issues/983
13:09:25 <alicef> and gtucker was positive on the possibility of solving it
13:09:42 <alicef> did you made the PR?
13:10:03 <patersonc[m]> Nope. Hope to soon
13:10:12 <alicef> ok thanks
13:10:20 <alicef> 3. Meetbot situation - patersonc alicef
13:11:00 <alicef> as topic introduced on last meeting by Kiszka
13:11:20 <alicef> patersonc[m] started to talk with ironfoot about this
13:11:27 <alicef> any news on this ?
13:12:27 <alicef> I think that we should decide what we want to do in the futere regarding meetbot
13:12:29 <patersonc[m]> We need to decide if we want to start managing these things ourselves or not
13:13:23 <alicef> should be better if we host Meetbot ourself
13:13:57 <alicef> IMHO
13:14:28 <alicef> so that we are less dependant to other services if we have the possibility
13:14:36 <pave1> Well... If we really wanted to, we could do this "by hand", copy/pasting to a web page.
13:14:41 <pave1> I don't think this is too critical.
13:15:26 <alicef> the bot is just a python script over limora something bot
13:16:06 <alicef> is not too complicate to mantain. I'm doing some thing for gentoo-kernel channel
13:16:30 <alicef> but I'm hosting the irc logs on github instead
13:16:58 <alicef> anything else on this ?
13:17:35 <alicef> 3
13:17:39 <alicef> 2
13:17:42 <alicef> 1
13:17:52 <alicef> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:18:16 <pave1> I was doing reviews: 5.10.92, 5.10.93.
13:18:35 <masami> There was 2 new CVEs this week.
13:18:44 <uli> started with post-5.10.93
13:18:55 <iwamatsu> I reviewed 5.10.92 and 93.
13:19:56 <alicef> any problem come out from this reviews ?
13:20:09 <pave1> Greg will stop 4.4.X maintainence in 2 weeks or so. But I guess we should have Jan here to discuss that.
13:20:24 <alicef> pave1: yes I saw that
13:20:35 <pave1> There are some "fun" bits in autosel patches, but nothing we need to discuss here.
13:21:08 <alicef> ok anything else we need to discuss ?
13:21:19 <iwamatsu> and manual/README.
13:21:37 <iwamatsu> it is on email.
13:22:40 <iwamatsu> 'it' means discussiuon.
13:24:27 <alicef> ok anything else ?
13:24:42 <alicef> like the wiki work ?
13:25:40 <alicef> iwamatsu: how is going the worksplit via wiki ?
13:26:23 <pave1> We are currently discussing it over email.
13:26:26 <iwamatsu> it has not been decided yet.
13:26:38 <alicef> ok
13:27:04 <alicef> can we go on?
13:27:08 <alicef> 3
13:27:17 <alicef> 2
13:27:20 <alicef> 1
13:27:28 <alicef> #topic Kernel testing
13:27:44 <alicef> no news from me
13:27:51 <alicef> patersonc[m] ?
13:28:57 <patersonc[m]> We've had a request to get the IoT board booting etc.
13:29:04 <patersonc[m]> Need to look into it
13:29:13 <patersonc[m]> Not a lot else I think
13:29:31 <alicef> ok thanks
13:29:46 <alicef> anything else on this ?
13:29:53 <alicef> 3
13:29:57 <alicef> 2
13:30:10 <alicef> 1
13:30:19 <alicef> #topic AOB
13:30:28 <alicef> vacations and lockdowns?
13:30:49 <pave1> armageddon? :-)
13:30:59 <alicef> :)
13:31:22 <alicef> some holiday that I don't know about next week ?
13:31:35 <pave1> patersonc: So I don't need to get email addresses for Toshiba?
13:32:04 <patersonc[m]> pave1: Toshiba?
13:32:20 <pave1> For the OpenBlock IoT stuff?
13:32:46 <patersonc[m]> It's Plat'home's board I believe
13:33:21 <iwamatsu> right.
13:33:44 <pave1> The subject was "OpenBlock IoT device status in LAVA". It looks to me like I don't need to do anything, but I wanted to double-check.
13:34:09 <iwamatsu> I have a OpenBlocks board. if you need a help about this board, let me know.
13:34:29 <patersonc[m]> iwamatsu: awesome. Thanks
13:35:08 <alicef> there is already a pull request for KernelCI on that board
13:36:13 <alicef> now that I look into it
13:36:36 <pave1> Who is the @denx contact for board management in the lab, BTW?
13:36:43 <pave1> It sounds like people will ask me in future, too.
13:37:30 <patersonc[m]> pave1: Harald
13:37:37 <pave1> patersonc: Thank you.
13:38:22 <alicef> anything else ?
13:38:38 <alicef> 5
13:38:41 <alicef> 4
13:38:46 <alicef> 3
13:38:54 <alicef> 2
13:39:06 <alicef> 1
13:39:15 <alicef> ok, then let's close for today
13:39:27 <alicef> 3
13:39:31 <alicef> 2
13:39:36 <alicef> 1
13:40:07 <alicef> #endmeeting