13:00:32 <jki> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:00:36 <jki> hi all!
13:00:41 <uli> hello
13:00:43 <iwamatsu> hi
13:00:47 <pave1> hi
13:00:48 <masami> hi
13:00:52 <alicef> hi
13:01:21 <patersonc[m]> hi
13:03:06 <jki> ok, let's get started then
13:03:11 <jki> #topic AI review
13:03:26 <jki> 1. Provide v3 of kernelci patches for isar-cip-core - alicef
13:04:04 <alicef> jki thanks for the review. v3 is still not done. bit busy with other work.
13:04:29 <jki> ok, np. if i should help, let me know
13:04:48 <jki> 2. Propose tweet on KernelCI-CIP collaboration progress - alicef
13:05:23 <alicef> patersonc[m]: maybe we can decide here something to write ?
13:06:10 <patersonc[m]> Probably best. Then the proposal can be sent to Neil for posting
13:06:57 <alicef> I was thinking something like "check the CIP work on Kernelci https://github.com/orgs/kernelci/projects/11 @kernelci @cip"
13:07:10 <alicef> I was thinking something like "check the CIP work on Kernelci https://github.com/orgs/kernelci/projects/11 @kernelci @cip_project"
13:07:14 <patersonc[m]> alicef: We should probably meet to work out the next steps for cip+kernelci as well
13:07:23 <alicef> yes
13:09:01 <jki> ok, great
13:09:18 <jki> 3. Clarify with KernelCI whether CIP maintainers can get accounts - alicef
13:10:15 <patersonc[m]> What are these accounts for btw? For KernelCI's GitHub?
13:10:24 <alicef> still working on this probably it will take some time for now. and is part of the kernelci next steps
13:10:55 <alicef> patersonc[m]: Is actually not account as is possible to do it programmatically
13:11:33 <alicef> I asked iwamatsu  and pave1 to send me a mail with the development branch that they want to be enabled for development but didn't get it yet afaik
13:11:54 <jki> "Clarify with KernelCI how CIP maintainers can get trigger private builds"
13:11:58 <jki> better?
13:12:23 <pave1> alicef: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-kernel/linux-cip/tree/ci/pavel/linux-test
13:12:38 <alicef> actually the current task is for pavel and iwamatsu to send me a mail with the branch they want to be enabled for developement
13:12:42 <pave1> This is what I'm using for testing, and I guess it makes sense to keep testing it.
13:12:47 <patersonc[m]> jki: Gotcha, thanks
13:12:52 <alicef> pave1: please send me a mail about this
13:12:57 <pave1> ok :-).
13:13:10 <iwamatsu> alicef: I will do it.
13:13:40 <patersonc[m]> You can also request branches to be supported as an issue ticket on GitHub: https://github.com/kernelci/kernelci-core/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=new-kernel-branch.md&title=Add+branch+BRANCH+from+TREE
13:13:42 <alicef> pave1: can you make a branch like for-kernelci?
13:14:10 <alicef> oh right
13:14:17 <pave1> alicef: The name of the branch does not really matter, so yes, I guess I can.
13:14:28 <patersonc[m]> Or https://github.com/kernelci/kernelci-core/issues/new?assignees=&labels=&template=new-kernel-branch.md&title=Add+branch+pavel-for-kernelci+from+cip
13:14:41 <alicef> probably the best is to follow patersonc[m] link and send a issue to kernelci-core
13:15:09 <patersonc[m]> alicef or I can action the issue once created
13:15:10 <alicef> specifing that is a development branch
13:15:50 <alicef> what you mean by "action the issue"
13:15:53 <alicef> ?
13:16:48 <patersonc[m]> Create an MR
13:16:49 <patersonc[m]> PR
13:17:12 <alicef> whatever is ok for you
13:18:01 <alicef> just remember that is a special PR for dealing with development branch
13:18:14 <alicef> not just enabling it
13:19:19 <jki> ok, looks like we have (clearer) plan now
13:19:34 <jki> anything else?
13:19:51 <jki> 3
13:19:53 <jki> 2
13:19:57 <jki> 1
13:20:00 <jki> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:20:20 <pave1> I was reviewing 5.10.91 and various series on the mailing lists.
13:20:39 <masami> There are 7 CVEs this week. CVE-2021-4204 hasn't been fixed in the mainline yet.
13:20:40 <pave1> Renesas ADC and ethernet patches were applied. Sound needs more work.
13:20:42 <uli> done with 5.10.87, was going to do 5.10.91...
13:20:43 <iwamatsu> I reviewed 5.10.91.
13:21:14 <uli> pave1: what's left to review?
13:22:08 <pave1> Everything that should be relevant to us should be done. There's stuff left that scripts marked as irrelevant. I'll mail you with details.
13:22:24 <uli> ok
13:24:27 <jki> is the worksplit via wiki now more or less established?
13:26:20 <pave1> I'll need to look into it.
13:26:31 <iwamatsu> it hasn't been split yet./
13:27:06 <jki> "old habits", or is there still something not fitting well?
13:29:24 <iwamatsu> There are duplicate reviews .
13:29:55 <iwamatsu> allocate it automatically ?
13:30:30 <jki> that was my idea, but pavel said that splitting has to be "smart", and that might be hard
13:30:57 <pave1> Lets see how this works, I'd say. I'll need to start using it.
13:31:25 <pave1> Yes, splitting so that related series and related patches across the releases are reviewed by same person makes sense IMO.
13:31:58 <jki> so, someone needs to take a lead for a new kernel release to do that split
13:32:12 <jki> and then folks can start reviewing
13:33:29 <jki> ok, let's put this on recall, I would say
13:33:55 <jki> anything else for this topic?
13:34:17 <jki> 3
13:34:19 <jki> 2
13:34:21 <jki> 1
13:34:24 <jki> #topic Kernel testing
13:34:32 <iwamatsu> let's split it when I create the patch list.
13:35:13 <patersonc[m]> No updates from me RE testing
13:35:59 <pave1> For stable kernels, 4.4 and 4.19 are tested, but 5.10 fails to build due to gcc problems.
13:36:01 <alicef> tomorrow I have a presentation at Linux conf au about CIP and KernelCI
13:36:14 <alicef> no updates other than this
13:36:47 <alicef> https://linux.conf.au/schedule/presentation/8/
13:36:55 <pave1> It would be nice to get it fixed, we'll eventually hit it in our testing, too.
13:37:20 <alicef> patersonc[m]: maybe we can tweet about the presentation https://linux.conf.au/schedule/presentation/8/
13:37:56 <iwamatsu> pave1: yes, we need to create a enviromnet for it. And I am working this.
13:38:07 <pave1> iwamatsu: Thank you!
13:38:30 <alicef> also kernelci tweeted about it https://twitter.com/kernelci/status/1481365948363911172
13:38:33 <patersonc[m]> alicef: I'll email Neil
13:40:08 <jki> good - anything else?
13:40:49 <jki> 3
13:40:52 <jki> 2
13:40:55 <jki> 1
13:40:58 <jki> #topic AOB
13:41:20 <pave1> There is 4.4.296-rt229 released, and the 4.4-rt releases are quite rare.
13:41:37 <pave1> It would be great to get 4.4.296-cip release, so I could do -cip-rt...
13:42:18 <patersonc[m]> Sounds like a good idea
13:42:53 <jki> and it should be due as well, one month after the last one
13:43:55 <iwamatsu> I am going to relase new CIP kernel for 4.4 and 4.19. so I will 4.4.296-cip as 4.4.y cip tree.
13:44:05 <pave1> THank you!
13:44:16 <jki> perfect, thanks!
13:44:25 <iwamatsu> you are welcome ;-)
13:44:30 <jki> two topics from my side:
13:45:13 <jki> 1. does any one know how our chatbot is hosted?
13:45:41 <alicef> I know but I have to check old logs
13:45:56 <alicef> jki: what you want to know ?
13:46:07 <alicef> something specific?
13:46:19 <jki> asking because Codethink is leaving CIP
13:46:48 <alicef> so we need a new bot ?
13:47:03 <jki> if they provided it, I don't expect a shutdown, but we may run into troubles when no one recalls who owns it when its broken
13:47:08 <alicef> I have a similar think on #gentoo-kernel
13:47:12 <jki> not yet I strongly assume
13:47:21 <jki> but a plan b might be good to have
13:47:49 <patersonc[m]> jki: Codethink set up the chatbot etc.
13:47:50 <alicef> someone here is the maintainer but I cannot recollect the exact name now
13:47:53 <jki> alicef: if you have information or even contacts about the current setup, please check
13:48:15 <jki> again, just safety measure
13:49:20 <jki> ok, topic #2: I'm off next Thursday
13:49:37 <jki> alicef: would you be so kind to run the show? :)
13:49:44 <alicef> sure
13:49:59 <jki> thanks!
13:50:54 <jki> ok, that's all from my side
13:51:01 <jki> anything else?
13:51:51 <jki> 3
13:51:54 <jki> 2
13:51:57 <jki> 1
13:52:02 <jki> #endmeeting