13:08:06 <alicef> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:08:14 <alicef> hi everyone!
13:08:19 <alicef> ok, let's get started
13:08:38 <alicef> let's take presences
13:08:42 <alicef> o/
13:08:47 <uli> present
13:09:04 <patersonc[m]> hi
13:09:25 <alicef> iwamatsu ? pav31 ? masami ?
13:09:55 <masami> this week, CVE-2021-4197 is new CVE. Patch is available but not merged into the mainline yet.
13:10:18 <pav31> hi
13:10:26 <masami> hi
13:10:28 <alicef> masami: we are still at the presence :)
13:10:42 <alicef> ok, let's get started
13:10:51 <alicef> #topic AI review
13:11:04 <masami> oops
13:11:10 <alicef> 1. Review / integrate kernelci patches into isar-cip-core - jan
13:11:23 <alicef> masami: np
13:11:48 <alicef> we need to wait jan for this, so let's skip this for now
13:12:09 <alicef> 2. Propose tweet on KernelCI-CIP collaboration progress - alicef
13:12:59 <alicef> skip, still work in progress
13:13:08 <alicef> 3. Clarify with KernelCI whether CIP maintainers can get accounts - alicef
13:14:17 <alicef> still work in progress with kernelci
13:15:30 <alicef> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:16:09 <masami> CVE-2021-4197 is new CVE in this week. Patch is available but not merged into the mainline yet.
13:16:18 <pav31> I was reviewing 5.10.89 and 90.
13:16:34 <uli> reviewed 5.10.87
13:18:07 <alicef> any problem upon review ?
13:19:05 <uli> the review pages that iwamatsu-san's script is supposed to create don't actually exist in the wiki
13:19:11 <pav31> Usual "half of this should not be in stable", nothing
13:19:20 <pav31> to worry about.
13:20:03 <alicef> i see
13:20:06 <pav31> Oh and rcar audio and adc series.
13:20:55 <alicef> uli maybe try to work with iwamatsu-san for the wiki script
13:21:18 <uli> i sent an e-mail already, but i guess he's not back at work yet
13:21:19 <alicef> rcar audio and adc series had problems or you reviewed ?
13:21:37 <pav31> Both :-).
13:21:46 <alicef> uli: we just got back from holiday :)
13:21:59 <alicef> pav31: eh :/
13:22:20 <pav31> Adc parts are okay, audio has strange locking.
13:23:39 <alicef> how do you test for rcar audio and adc series? is that part of the gitlab tests ?
13:24:21 <alicef> or are you talking about the patches you reviewed ?
13:25:11 <jki> argh, missed my own reminder - anyone around?
13:25:20 <alicef> pav31:sorry I bit didn't understand
13:25:28 <alicef> jki: np
13:25:55 <alicef> we already started the meeting. currently we are at the kernel maintenance updates
13:26:10 <jki> perfect!
13:26:43 <jki> it's public holiday here in Bavaria, to my excuse ;)
13:26:59 <alicef> pav31: was talking about adc parts that are ok and audio that has strange locking
13:27:23 <alicef> i suppose the patch have strange locking
13:27:46 <alicef> jki: happy holiday if so :)
13:28:01 <alicef> what holiday you have in Bavaria ?
13:28:26 <uli> three kings day
13:28:58 <alicef> pave1 have bad connection probably :/
13:29:08 <pave1> yep, sorry
13:29:35 <alicef> never hear of such holiday, should be fun :)
13:30:02 <alicef> pave1: can you explain a bit about the strange locking? couldn't understand too much
13:30:15 <alicef> sorry
13:30:28 <pave1> thats hard to explain over irc.
13:30:49 <alicef> is it on the mailing list ?
13:31:00 <pave1> It is on the list.
13:31:18 <alicef> ok I will check the 5.10.y patches later again :)
13:31:39 <alicef> any other info to talk here ?
13:31:50 <pave1> That's renesas series on cip-dev, not 5.10.
13:32:07 <alicef> I see! thanks!
13:32:39 <alicef> anything else ? can we move on?
13:32:58 <alicef> 3
13:33:10 <alicef> 2
13:33:31 <alicef> 1
13:33:40 <alicef> #topic Kernel testing
13:34:14 <alicef> I have no updates this week.
13:34:36 <alicef> patersonc[m]: ?
13:34:52 <alicef> any update ?
13:35:12 <patersonc[m]> Devices in lab-cip-denx seems to be offline, sorry for the pain
13:35:47 <alicef> is ok, thanks for pointing it out
13:35:54 <patersonc[m]> iwamatsu: I could do with a review on https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-testing/linux-cip-ci/-/merge_requests/39 if you get a chance
13:36:32 <patersonc[m]> Not sure I have anything else
13:36:36 <jki> patersonc[m]: denx is aware of the issue already?
13:36:57 <patersonc[m]> jki: I sent an email to the lab maintainer
13:37:07 <alicef> patersonc[m]: nice
13:37:22 <jki> ok - he's possibly on holiday today...
13:37:51 <alicef> about the MR why going with cip-core when I think we decided to use isar-cip-core?
13:38:16 <patersonc[m]> Sure
13:39:34 <alicef> any reson for this ?
13:39:39 <alicef> reason
13:39:48 <patersonc[m]> As in a naming convention?
13:40:07 <alicef> is actually isar-cip-core but named cip-core?
13:41:10 <alicef> ah you are right
13:41:11 <patersonc[m]> It add support to use isar-cip-core
13:41:24 <alicef> isar cip-core is named cip-core :)
13:41:48 <patersonc[m]> It's an MR I started a long time back
13:41:59 <patersonc[m]> Just got around to bringing it up to date a few weeks ago
13:42:00 <jki> the image is called cip-core, the layer to build it isar-cip-core
13:42:01 <alicef> from what I could see now, looks nice
13:42:11 <alicef> yes I see that is 1yr old
13:43:13 <alicef> that's one of the reason moving to kernelci could be a good thing :/
13:43:23 <patersonc[m]> :)
13:43:24 <alicef> as we have more people reviewing MR
13:44:23 <alicef> changing topic, I worked at a presentation for Linux conf au 2022
13:45:23 <alicef> is bit similar to the OSS presentation about the merge of CIP testing into KernelCI
13:46:15 <alicef> any other question or any other topic about kernel maintenance updates?
13:47:20 <alicef> 3
13:47:23 <alicef> 2
13:47:29 <alicef> 1
13:47:42 <alicef> jki_: still here ?
13:47:51 <jki_> yes
13:48:03 <jki_> network change
13:48:14 <alicef> ok I'm rewinding up to your topic before going to AOB
13:48:22 <alicef> is it ok ?
13:48:35 <jki_> which topic?
13:49:00 <alicef> the patch on isar-cip-core
13:49:17 <jki_> yeah, I still need to review them
13:49:32 <jki_> just dropped first feedback to tell the series apart
13:49:55 <alicef> yes I know I didn't version it
13:50:28 <alicef> do you need it versioned or you can work with that what you have now and versioning next time?
13:50:44 <alicef> #topic AI review
13:50:55 <alicef> 1. Review / integrate kernelci patches into isar-cip-core - jan
13:51:04 <alicef> versioning
13:51:11 <alicef> jki_: do you need it versioned or you can work with that what you have now and versioning next time?
13:51:38 <jki_> now that you confirmed the relationship, i can work with that
13:52:01 <jki_> will drop some more feedback soon
13:52:19 <alicef> I what not sure that you was using patch version. some projects does some other don't
13:52:30 <alicef> I was
13:52:35 <alicef> ok thanks you
13:52:58 <alicef> this version is better divided ?
13:52:59 <jki_> most projects I know do when working via email
13:53:51 <jki_> let me look through it, will let you know
13:54:00 <alicef> ok
13:54:10 <alicef> thanks you
13:54:18 <alicef> so let's move on
13:54:22 <alicef> 3
13:54:27 <alicef> 2
13:54:32 <alicef> 1
13:54:38 <alicef> #topic AOB
13:54:44 <alicef> vacations and lockdowns?
13:54:52 <alicef> other than three kings
13:54:57 <alicef> :)
13:55:08 <patersonc[m]> All done now
13:55:57 <jki_> I might be off next-but-one week, but planning is tough these days
13:56:17 <jki_> will let you know
13:56:22 <alicef> yes also here we shouldn't have any more holidays in Thursday
13:56:52 <alicef> jki_: ok thanks you, send a email or ping me here. and I can take over
13:57:22 <alicef> anything else?
13:57:39 <alicef> 5
13:57:46 <jki_> alicef: great, TIA!
13:57:46 <alicef> 4
13:57:51 <alicef> 3
13:57:55 <alicef> 2
13:57:58 <alicef> 1
13:58:04 <alicef> ok, then let's close for today
13:58:17 <alicef> #endmeeting