13:01:17 <jki> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:01:21 <jki> hi all!
13:01:26 <iwamatsu> hi
13:01:27 <uli> hello
13:01:28 <alicef> o/
13:01:32 <masami> hi
13:01:55 <patersonc[m]> \o/
13:02:22 <jki> IIRC, pavel will not join, right?
13:03:04 <iwamatsu> I can not see Pavel.
13:03:24 <jki> #topic AI review
13:03:31 <jki> 1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu & alicef
13:03:58 <alicef> I'm currently working isar-cip-core
13:05:06 <alicef> as I think that KernelCI will be against make changes for use isar-cip-core. I'm working making isar-cip-core kernelci compatible
13:05:51 <alicef> and added a new isar-cip-core image to the kernelci fileserver https://storage.staging.kernelci.org/images/rootfs/cip/
13:06:48 <alicef> currently I could login with the default root/root and I found some KernelCI missing package that I will resolve later
13:07:28 <alicef> about the Gitlab CI kselftest binary is still paused for now
13:08:43 <jki> ok
13:09:34 <jki> 2. Look into S3 artifact upload issues - patersonc
13:09:35 <alicef> by the way, I wanted to ask about the root password in the isar-cip-core
13:10:03 <jki> yep - didn't we chat about that last time?
13:10:20 <patersonc[m]> jki: no updates
13:10:39 <alicef> jki: yes but I have some new question. isar-cip-core root password is needed for the IEC certification?
13:11:12 <jki> rather likely - but only for the final "production" image
13:11:54 <alicef> I was thinking if we can boot isar-cip-core password less and add the root password during IEC KernelCI testing
13:12:03 <jki> you should clarify that with the security WG people
13:12:28 <jki> I think it should at least be fine to remove the password from the kernelCI targeting image
13:12:50 <alicef> ok
13:13:17 <alicef> yes that is what I'm working on
13:13:46 <alicef> I just wanted to know about the security certification perspective
13:14:19 <jki> can't tell, I'm not directly involved -> mailing list
13:14:34 <alicef> ok, I will ask in the mailing list
13:14:39 <alicef> thanks
13:15:10 <jki> ok - next AI
13:15:15 <jki> 3. Update 5.10-cip branch - iwamatsu & pavel
13:15:26 <jki> (picked this up from our past-week discussion)
13:17:02 <iwamatsu> What is the purpose of this?
13:17:30 <jki> merging reviews 5.10-lts into 5.10-cip
13:17:41 <jki> to expose that result to our tests
13:18:00 <jki> s/reviews/reviewed/
13:18:41 <iwamatsu> Got it, no update. but I can do it after this meeting.
13:18:57 <jki> perfect, TIA!
13:19:16 <jki> 4. Propose review coordination workflow with gitlab snippets - iwamatsu
13:19:57 <iwamatsu> Okay. I invistigated about this.
13:20:22 <iwamatsu> First , Snippets of gitlab can be created using the gitlab API.
13:20:33 <iwamatsu> sample code: https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/2197006
13:21:05 <iwamatsu> This can be created as a sample. https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-kernel/linux-cip/-/snippets/2197003.
13:21:47 <iwamatsu> And since this is a git repository, we can use it with git command. Of cource we can use it with Web UI.
13:22:02 <iwamatsu> gitrepo URL: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-kernel/linux-cip/snippets/2197003.git
13:22:29 <iwamatsu> My impression are...
13:22:44 <iwamatsu> Pros: There is no need to create a new repository.
13:22:59 <iwamatsu> Cons: 1. The URL is different every time.
13:23:27 <iwamatsu> 2. repository is created for each kernel version.
13:23:59 <iwamatsu> 3. We don't know which version from URL and repository name.
13:24:42 <iwamatsu> So, I don't think this is easy to use.  I think it is better to create or reuse a dedicated repository.
13:25:01 <iwamatsu> That's all from me.
13:25:14 <patersonc[m]> GitLab also supports a wiki right? Would that give a consistent URL?
13:25:53 <jki> yes, you can activate a wiki per project
13:25:58 <iwamatsu> es.
13:25:59 <iwamatsu> Yes
13:26:00 <jki> that would be a git repo as well
13:26:14 <jki> with stable URL
13:26:39 <iwamatsu> There is no problem with Wiki for linux-cip repo.
13:26:50 <jki> right
13:26:59 <jki> just needs activation
13:27:49 <jki> and decision who should be allowed to edit it (anyone / project members)
13:28:36 <iwamatsu> we can control it via web ui
13:28:51 <jki> both web ui and git push, yes
13:29:46 <iwamatsu> I can enable wiki in linux-cip now, if we use wiki :-)
13:30:53 <jki> give it a try and discuss again need week?
13:31:51 <iwamatsu> If anyone wants to use it other than gitlab wiki.
13:32:28 <iwamatsu> I think wiki is better for review coordination
13:33:03 <uli> +1
13:33:14 <iwamatsu> or we can wait Pavel's comment.
13:34:00 <jki> maybe prepare a basic example, like you did for the snippets
13:34:49 <iwamatsu> I see.
13:35:15 <iwamatsu> OK, I will prepare it
13:35:40 <jki> thanks!
13:36:13 <jki> anything else under "AIs"?
13:36:21 <jki> 3
13:36:24 <jki> 2
13:36:27 <jki> 1
13:36:30 <jki> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:37:09 <uli> reviewed 5.10.75
13:37:20 <iwamatsu> I am reviewing 5.10.76.
13:37:20 <masami> This week reported 3 new CVEs. These CVEs have been already fixed.
13:40:23 <jki> anything else to discuss under this topic?
13:40:36 <jki> 3
13:40:39 <jki> 2
13:40:42 <jki> 1
13:40:45 <jki> #topic Kernel testing
13:41:24 <patersonc[m]> I think Alice has already reported most of the news
13:42:38 <jki> then let's assume "most = all" ;)
13:42:46 <jki> 3
13:42:49 <jki> 2
13:42:50 <jki> 1
13:42:52 <jki> #topic AOB
13:44:36 <jki> anyone anything else?
13:45:03 <jki> 3
13:45:03 <patersonc[m]> Not I
13:45:06 <jki> 2
13:45:09 <jki> 1
13:45:13 <jki> #endmeeting