13:00:01 <masashi910> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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13:00:03 <masashi910> #topic rollcall
13:00:11 <masashi910> please say hi if you're around
13:00:14 <iwamatsu> hi
13:00:25 <josiah|2> Hi
13:00:54 <patersonc[m]> hi
13:01:03 <alicef> hi
13:01:10 <masashi910> All, thanks for joining this part of IRC!
13:01:17 <masashi910> The first session of today's IRC was taken place 4 hours ago.
13:01:23 <masashi910> Please check the minutes of the meeting below.
13:01:30 <masashi910> https://irclogs.baserock.org/meetings/cip/2021/08/cip.2021-08-19-09.00.log.html
13:01:37 <masashi910> Let's get started.
13:01:43 <masashi910> #topic AI review
13:01:51 <masashi910> In this part, open AI status is reviewed.
13:01:58 <masashi910> 1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu & alicef
13:02:09 <masashi910> According to the first session log, there are no updates.
13:02:21 <masashi910> are there any updates since then?
13:02:44 <masashi910> OK, let's move on.
13:02:44 <alicef> no update
13:02:47 <masashi910> 2. Do some experiment to lower burdens on CI - patersonc[m]
13:02:55 <masashi910> According to the first session log, there are no updates.
13:03:04 <patersonc[m]> Nope :)
13:03:20 <masashi910> patersonc[m]: Thanks!
13:03:27 <masashi910> any questions?
13:03:35 <masashi910> 3
13:03:39 <masashi910> 2
13:03:43 <masashi910> 1
13:03:46 <masashi910> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
13:03:54 <masashi910> In this part, kernel team members share their summaries of activities for one week.
13:04:10 <masashi910> anything to share?
13:05:28 <iwamatsu> If we do not have any update from today's first meeting, do we have to write anything?
13:05:48 <masashi910> Josiah-san, if you are ready to share realtime kernel activities, please let us know.
13:06:01 <masashi910> iwamatsu: No, not needed.
13:06:09 <iwamatsu> OK
13:06:26 <josiah|2> Nothing yet. Gathering RT performance requirements from our customer
13:07:12 <masashi910> josiah|2: Sure. When you are ready, please start sharing your status!
13:07:37 <masashi910> So, let's move on.
13:07:40 <masashi910> #topic Kernel testing
13:07:48 <masashi910> In this part, test team members share their summaries of activities for one week.
13:08:38 <patersonc[m]> We had some issues with the LAVA master last week, but all seems to be going okay this week.
13:08:39 <patersonc[m]> All of the labs are back online
13:08:57 <masashi910> patersonc[m]: Oh great!
13:09:21 <masashi910> any other topics?
13:10:06 <masashi910> 3
13:10:09 <masashi910> 2
13:10:12 <masashi910> 1
13:10:15 <masashi910> #topic AOB
13:10:23 <masashi910> If there are any business matters to discuss, we discuss them here.
13:10:40 <masashi910> So, are there any business?
13:11:14 <patersonc[m]> None from me
13:11:42 <masashi910> josiah|2: We proceed this IRC in the above order. Do you have any questions?
13:11:53 <masashi910> patersonc[m]: Thanks!
13:12:12 <josiah|2> No questions so far
13:12:35 <masashi910> Great. So, we covered all agenda. Shall we close the meeting?
13:12:45 <masashi910> 5
13:12:49 <masashi910> 4
13:12:52 <masashi910> 3
13:12:55 <masashi910> 2
13:12:55 <alicef> if there are no other topic
13:12:58 <masashi910> 1
13:13:09 <masashi910> alicef: please.
13:14:20 <masashi910> alicef: Do you have something to share or to discuss?
13:14:42 <alicef> no
13:15:07 <masashi910> alicef: ok. Then, let's close the meeting.
13:15:10 <masashi910> #endmeeting