09:00:00 <masashi910> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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09:00:03 <masashi910> #topic rollcall
09:00:10 <masashi910> please say hi if you're around
09:00:22 <szlin> hi
09:00:25 <wens> hi
09:00:26 <suzuki> hi
09:00:29 <bwh> hi
09:00:30 <fujita3> hi
09:00:30 <iwamatsu> hi
09:00:42 <yoshidak[m]> hi
09:01:01 <masashi910> #topic AI review
09:01:02 <patersonc> hi
09:01:12 <masashi910> 1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - Iwamatsu-san
09:01:24 <iwamatsu> masashi910: no update about this.
09:01:37 <masashi910> iwamatsu: Noted. Thanks.
09:01:40 <masashi910> 2. Strengthen sustainable process to backport patches from Mainline/LTS - Kernel Team
09:01:47 <patersonc> hws: I'll take a look
09:01:48 <masashi910> No updates this week.
09:01:59 <masashi910> 3. Upload a guideline for reference hardware platform addition - masashi910
09:02:04 <masashi910> No updates this week.
09:02:10 <masashi910> 4. Propose a reduction of kernel repository mirrors to TSC  - masashi910
09:02:17 <masashi910> I proposed to stop github CIP kernel repository mirror at TSC on May 12th.
09:02:25 <masashi910> The motion was approved.
09:02:30 <masashi910> SZ-san mentioned that he can stop it. Is there anything I should do, SZ-san?
09:04:06 <masashi910> SZ-san, thanks. Let me move on.
09:04:15 <szlin> I'll take it
09:04:22 <paveltest> hi!
09:04:30 <masashi910> 5. Post LTP results to KernelCI - patersonc
09:04:43 <patersonc> No updates on this
09:04:59 <masashi910> patersonc: Sure, thanks.
09:05:06 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:05:14 <masashi910> 3
09:05:17 <masashi910> 2
09:05:20 <masashi910> 1
09:05:21 <masashi910> #topic Kernel maintenance updates
09:05:29 <masashi910> Thanks to Iwamatsu-san and Pavel-san, three kernels were released since the last IRC meeting.
09:05:35 <masashi910> v4.19.120-cip26 and v4.4.222-cip45 on 11th May by Iwamatsu-san
09:05:40 <masashi910> v4.19.120-cip25-rt10 on 11th May by Pavel-san
09:05:45 <masashi910> That's all from me.
09:05:50 <paveltest> I have reviewed 4.19.122 and .123.
09:05:56 <wens> a lot of CVEs this week, though mostly from fuzzers
09:06:08 <iwamatsu> I reviewed 4.4.221 and 222.
09:06:43 <bwh> I backported some fixed for stable branches 4.14, 4.9, and 4.4
09:06:52 <bwh> *fixes
09:07:12 <wens> "spi: spi-dw: Add lock protect dw_spi rx/tx to prevent concurrent call" for CVE-2020-12769 needs backport to 4.4 and 4.9
09:08:30 <paveltest> wens: socfpga uses that controller, so that might be relevant.
09:09:50 <iwamatsu> wens: I can work about this CVE.
09:11:00 <masashi910> paveltest, wens, iwamatsu, bwh: Thanks for your works!
09:11:07 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:11:14 <masashi910> 3
09:11:16 <masashi910> 2
09:11:19 <wens> "scsi: sg: add sg_remove_request in sg_write" for CVE-2020-12770 needs backport to all LTS branches; this looks like some sort of resource leak in the SCSI subsystem
09:11:19 <masashi910> 1
09:11:33 <wens> my computer crashed :/
09:12:37 <masashi910> wens: thanks for your reports. do you have any others?
09:13:06 <wens> there's one CVE related to KVM SVM on x86
09:14:09 <wens> looks like Siemens uses that?
09:14:38 <paveltest> That's actually one of my questions: a lot of stable patches is about KVM. Does someone use it in CIP project? Siemens?
09:14:41 <bwh> SVM is for AMD CPUs only, so it might not actually be used
09:15:30 <wens> maybe we could ask them to remove it from their config?
09:16:04 <bwh> It certainly seems worth querying
09:16:43 <masashi910> wens: Could you ask them?
09:16:58 <wens> another feature that I find unlikely to be used: XDP sockets, enabled for Hitachi cyclonev
09:18:30 <wens> masashi910: I don't have any contact info on hand; I can probably ask SZ for that
09:19:13 <szlin> wens: sure
09:19:27 <masashi910> wens, sz: thanks!
09:20:12 <masashi910> wens: Regarding cycloneV, it is on the reference list. Do you think XDP sockets are not used?
09:20:15 <masashi910> https://wiki.linuxfoundation.org/civilinfrastructureplatform/ciptesting/cipreferencehardware
09:21:14 <wens> XDP (express data path) is used for network intensive workloads to bypass certain parts of the network stack
09:22:15 <wens> I believe it is used by big tech / web stuff, not embedded
09:23:18 <masashi910> wens: I see. It could be related to our backport policy. So, let me trigger this discussion among the kernel team offline.
09:23:32 <wens> thanks
09:23:37 <masashi910> wens: Thanks for all your works!
09:23:58 <masashi910> Let's move on.
09:24:13 <masashi910> #topic Kernel testing
09:24:20 <masashi910> patersonc: the floor is yours.
09:25:09 <patersonc> Hello
09:25:30 <patersonc> My time this week was mainly spent upgrading the LAVA infrastructure to the latest version of upstream lava-docker
09:25:38 <patersonc> It's all done now and the labs are back up and running
09:25:47 <patersonc> Although I forgot to tell the ML...
09:26:23 <patersonc> I'll try and do upgrades monthly or so to avoid the massive technical debt we had this time
09:26:36 <patersonc> That's about it from me I think
09:26:53 <masashi910> patersonc: Thanks for your works.
09:27:12 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:27:19 <masashi910> 3
09:27:22 <masashi910> 2
09:27:23 <masashi910> 1
09:27:25 <masashi910> #topic CIP Core
09:27:42 <masashi910> Daniel-san or Punit-san, are you around?
09:28:15 <masashi910> Let's skip.
09:28:17 <masashi910> #topic Software update
09:28:23 <masashi910> suzuki: the floor is yours.
09:28:33 <suzuki> Hello.
09:28:36 <suzuki> I'm working on the task which to clean SWUpdate branch on isar-cip-core: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-sw-updates/cip-sw-updates-tasks/-/issues/3
09:28:45 <suzuki> Currently I'm fixing and testing the SWUpdate branch which is kept up with master branch in isar-cip-core.
09:28:54 <suzuki> That's it from me.
09:29:05 <masashi910> suzuki: thanks for your works.
09:29:10 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:29:20 <masashi910> 3
09:29:23 <masashi910> 2
09:29:26 <masashi910> 1
09:29:29 <masashi910> #topic CIP Security
09:29:35 <masashi910> yoshidak[m]: the floor is yours.
09:29:45 <yoshidak[m]> Hi
09:29:53 <yoshidak[m]> Nothing from me in this week due to my shutting off.
09:30:03 <yoshidak[m]> I'll resume reporting from next week.
09:30:26 <masashi910> yoshidak[m]: Noted. Thanks.
09:30:31 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:30:39 <masashi910> 3
09:30:42 <masashi910> 2
09:30:46 <masashi910> 1
09:30:49 <masashi910> #topic AOB
09:30:55 <masashi910> Are there any business matters to discuss?
09:31:29 <masashi910> 3
09:31:32 <masashi910> 2
09:31:35 <masashi910> 1
09:31:37 <masashi910> #endmeeting