09:00:01 <masashi910> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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09:00:07 <masashi910> #topic rollcall
09:00:13 <masashi910> please say hi if you're around
09:00:19 <iwamatsu> hi
09:00:22 <suzuki83> hi
09:00:24 <bwh_> hi
09:00:25 <szlin> hi
09:00:34 <patersonc> hi
09:00:42 <masashi910> #topic AI review
09:00:44 <punit> hi
09:00:51 <masashi910> 1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - Iwamatsu-san
09:00:54 <pave1> hi
09:00:57 <wens> hi
09:01:18 <masashi910> Iwamatsu-san, do you have update?
09:01:29 <iwamatsu> masashi910: no update ahout this.
09:01:43 <masashi910> iwamatsu: Noted. Thanks.
09:01:47 <masashi910> 2. Assign the owner of "CIP kernel config" - masashi910
09:01:54 <masashi910> Iwamatsu-san kindly picked up this task. Iwamatsu-san, thank you!
09:02:03 <masashi910> I will close this item.
09:02:10 <masashi910> 3. Strengthen sustainable process to backport patches from Mainline/LTS - Kernel Team
09:02:17 <masashi910> This is under discussion among the Kernel team.
09:02:25 <masashi910> The current consensus among the Kernel Team is described in the following document.
09:02:32 <masashi910> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U4-txCx_uofNH7YXc9LgKILdY-BPgb-nYm3DFrs-9Ns/edit?usp=sharing
09:02:39 <masashi910> If you have any comments, please add as "comment"s to the document.
09:02:46 <masashi910> 4. Upload a guideline for reference hardware platform addition - masashi910
09:02:51 <masashi910> Updates can be reported around June timeframe.
09:02:59 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:03:12 <masashi910> 3
09:03:15 <masashi910> 2
09:03:19 <masashi910> 1
09:03:21 <masashi910> #topic Kernel testing
09:03:26 <masashi910> patersonc: the floor is yours
09:04:13 <patersonc> No Kernel updates?
09:04:45 <masashi910> patersonc: Sorry. You are right... let me back to the kernel update.
09:05:09 <masashi910> #topic Kernel Updates
09:05:29 <iwamatsu> masashi910: I reviewed v4.4.217.
09:06:06 <wens> new CVE which is an out-of-bounds write in vhost_net; requires backport to 4.4; all newer stable branches fixed
09:06:10 <pave1> Solved realtime problems, so I could release v4.19.106-cip21-rt8.
09:06:22 <pave1> Reviews on 4.19.112 and 4.19.113.
09:06:31 <wens> "vhost: Check docket sk_family instead of call getname" is the fix
09:06:43 <pave1> wens: Ok, let me take a look.
09:07:14 <wens> should be straightforward; I believe it was just an API change in between
09:07:39 <pave1> wens: Or you can have it if you want practice :-).
09:07:51 <pave1> wens: Fortunately it is easy most of the time.
09:08:12 <patersonc> Well done pavel
09:09:20 <masashi910> iwamatsu, wens, pave1: Thanks for your updates.
09:09:47 <patersonc> 0/
09:09:57 <masashi910> Any other topics?
09:10:05 <patersonc> FYI I emailed Greg last night about whether 4.19 LTS will be extended, he said "I have not decided yet, normally I do so sometime in the middle of the year"
09:10:14 <patersonc> He also asked why I'm interested, why 2 years isn't enough and can I ensure users would take the updates. I'll reply to him later, let me know if you have anything you want me to include.
09:11:00 <patersonc> I guess if 4.19 LTS isn't extended, it may drive more users to CIP's SLTS?
09:11:16 <masashi910> patersonc: Great to raise this topic! Thanks!
09:11:36 <punit> I think it would be worth mentioning that it is used by "buster"
09:11:52 <pave1> patersonc: If lts isn't extended, we may want to call ourselves "lts" :-).
09:12:27 <pave1> punit: I assume Greg is aware of Debian status.
09:12:28 <patersonc> How long will Buster use it?
09:12:41 <bwh> Until 2024
09:12:53 <punit> To call ourselves LTS we'd need to widen the scope of our coveraage, no?
09:13:22 <patersonc> Does Debian take LTS straight, or add some stuff on top? What would they do if LTS support ended?
09:13:37 <pave1> punit: Well, we'd need to apply more patches, and we'd get testing from community.
09:14:02 <punit> Maybe bwh has some insight?
09:14:03 <pave1> punit: Applying patches to areas we don't care about is quite easy, so...
09:14:16 <bwh> patersonc: We sometimes add driver backports, e.g. we have some newer HiSilicon bits
09:15:16 <patersonc> Okay, thanks
09:15:20 <bwh> We could probably work with the CIP branch if necessary
09:15:45 <patersonc> That might be good for CIP
09:16:31 <punit> pavel: I think it makes sense to apply patches to wider areas. We attract more developers / users and can get wider testing coverage
09:16:43 <pave1> punit: I think so, too.
09:17:07 <pave1> Is 4.4-stable or 4.19-stable likely to become unmaintained, first?
09:17:08 <masashi910> all: Great discussions! Thanks. This is an important topic. So we will come back in the future IRC as well.
09:17:47 <patersonc> https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html
09:18:31 <masashi910> Can we move on?
09:18:39 <masashi910> 3
09:18:46 <masashi910> 2
09:18:51 <masashi910> 1
09:18:54 <masashi910> #topic Kernel testing
09:19:04 <patersonc> The CI setup now builds/tests with the CIP qemu config (thank you Iwamatsu-san).
09:19:13 <patersonc> Both CIP and stable Kernels
09:19:23 <patersonc> Some boards in lab-cip-renesas are offline due to USB issues. Office is shut due to CV so there's not a lot I can do to fix atm.
09:19:26 <patersonc> lab-cip-cybertrust currently has some network issues and is offline, sorry. They are investigating.
09:19:32 <patersonc> lab-cip-denx setup is in progress.
09:19:41 <patersonc> A new 'staging' instance of our LAVA master is being set up so updates/improvements don't affect production.
09:19:57 <patersonc> Then we can move to a much newer version of LAVA
09:20:27 <patersonc> Any questions?
09:20:34 <punit> +1 to moving to a newer version!
09:21:24 <masashi910> patersonc: Thanks for your works.
09:21:39 <masashi910> Any other comments or queries?
09:21:50 <masashi910> 3
09:21:55 <masashi910> 2
09:21:58 <masashi910> 1
09:22:00 <masashi910> #topic CIP Core
09:22:22 <punit> I guess that's me this week!
09:22:31 <masashi910> punit: Yes, please!
09:23:08 <punit> There isn't a lot to report other than the moving of security WG test image to isar-cip-core repo from Hayashi-san's private one
09:23:41 <punit> That's it from me. Let me know if there are any questions
09:23:54 <masashi910> punit: Thanks for your report!
09:24:49 <masashi910> punit: I have a question. So, by moving Hayashi-san's private one to the public, it will be maintained by who?
09:25:51 <punit> It was maintained by members of Core. But with the relocation, it'll get wider visibility. It'll still be maintained by core
09:26:08 <masashi910> punit: I see. Thanks.
09:26:21 <masashi910> Any other comments or queries?
09:26:31 <masashi910> 3
09:26:34 <punit> The image is currently being used for development of test cases and evaluation against IEC standard
09:27:24 <masashi910> punit: I understood. Thanks for your explanation.
09:27:33 <masashi910> 3
09:27:39 <masashi910> 2
09:27:44 <masashi910> 1
09:27:47 <masashi910> #topic Software update
09:27:53 <suzuki83> Hello
09:28:02 <suzuki83> I tested deby + meta-swupdate integrated by Hieu-san and it could run correctly.
09:28:09 <suzuki83> But it doesn't support A/B update at the moment, so I suggested integrating it by using meta-swupdate-boards.
09:28:18 <suzuki83> See this link for more details: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-core/deby/-/issues/8
09:28:23 <suzuki83> That's all from me.
09:28:40 <masashi910> suzuki83: Thanks for your report.
09:28:49 <masashi910> Any comments or queries?
09:29:10 <masashi910> 3
09:29:13 <masashi910> 2
09:29:16 <masashi910> 1
09:29:19 <masashi910> #topic CIP Security
09:29:36 <masashi910> Yoshida-san, are you around?
09:29:39 <yoshidak[m]> hi
09:29:45 <yoshidak[m]> 1. The progress of the certification
09:29:52 <yoshidak[m]> Same as the last report, we are waiting for approval from GB to pay for gap assessment.
09:29:59 <yoshidak[m]> 2. Creating and testing our security packages
09:30:06 <yoshidak[m]> We confirmed that we can share test cases for the security packages from the copylight point of view.
09:30:13 <yoshidak[m]> But, it will be revised at the certification phases, so we will not share it at this time.
09:30:19 <yoshidak[m]> Once we complete security packages certification, we will be sharing revised security packages proposal and test cases.
09:30:28 <yoshidak[m]> Although, we can share it as just reference and it will be helpful to understand what is required in the specs.
09:30:38 <yoshidak[m]> So, please let me know if you want to check it.
09:31:14 <yoshidak[m]> Any question?
09:31:31 <pave1> yoshidak: We are trying to be open project.
09:31:53 <pave1> yoshidak: From my side it makes sense to make changes public as soon as we make them,
09:32:02 <pave1> yoshidak: even if they may change in future.
09:32:40 <yoshidak[m]> <pave1 "yoshidak: even if they may chang"> I see. Of cause we can share it. Thank you this comment.
09:33:05 <pave1> yoshidak: Thank you.
09:33:16 <masashi910> yoshidak[m]: Thanks for your report.
09:33:25 <masashi910> Any other comments or queries?
09:33:32 <masashi910> 3
09:33:35 <masashi910> 2
09:33:38 <masashi910> 1
09:33:39 <masashi910> #topic AOB
09:33:47 <masashi910> 1. Summer Time
09:33:54 <masashi910> The summer saving time is starting. But please note that this IRC meeting starts at UTC (GMT) 09:00.
09:33:59 <masashi910> This is just reminder.
09:34:03 <masashi910> Are there any business matters to discuss?
09:34:14 <masashi910> 3
09:34:20 <masashi910> 2
09:34:23 <masashi910> 1
09:34:26 <masashi910> #endmeeting