09:00:00 <masashi910> #startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting
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09:00:08 <masashi910> #topic rollcall
09:00:16 <masashi910> please say hi if you're around
09:00:21 <kazu> hi
09:00:23 <punit> hi
09:00:23 <patersonc> hi
09:00:29 <suzuki15> hi
09:00:32 <pave1> hi
09:00:41 <bwh> hi
09:00:48 <masashi910> #topic AI review
09:00:58 <masashi910> 1. Combine rootfilesystem with kselftest binary - Iwamatsu-san
09:01:10 <masashi910> Iwamatsu-san, are you around?
09:01:22 <masashi910> Let me come back later.
09:01:25 <masashi910> 2. Document a process on how to add tests to the CIP test setup - patersonc
09:01:48 <patersonc> No updates.... I do have a ticket for this btw. Up to you if you keep the action or not.
09:03:24 <masashi910> patersonc: You mean, you have contents to write down, and to go or not should be decided?
09:03:41 <iwamatsu> hi
09:03:54 <wens> hi
09:04:05 <patersonc> I mean that I have this task planned. It may not be that important to keep an action live in this meeting.
09:04:10 <iwamatsu> AI-1 : No update
09:05:41 <masashi910> patersonc: I understood. Thanks. Then let me close this AI. If issues are identified, let's re-open.
09:05:52 <masashi910> iwamatsu: Noted. Thanks
09:06:11 <masashi910> #topic kernel maintenance updates
09:06:31 <wens> did a round of updates for classify-failed-patches and cip-kernel-sec: CVE-2020-8992 (ext4 related soft-lockup) fixed in 5.6-rc; nothing else stands out
09:07:02 <masashi910> wens: Thanks!
09:07:05 <pave1> I have reviewed 4.19.104 / 4.19.105, and am working on "Renesas RZ/G2E USB Type-C Backport" series.
09:07:08 <wens> classify-failed-patches will now filter per-branch (tagged with specific version number) patches
09:07:26 <patersonc> Thank you pave1
09:07:27 <bwh> I've reviewed MRs for kernel repositories, and prepared an update to the source lists in kernel-config
09:07:58 <masashi910> pave1, bwh: Thanks!
09:08:33 <pave1> Plus I have backport of "mac80211: Fix TKIP replay protection immediately...". That was reasonably easy but what to do with it now?
09:08:44 <masashi910> iwamatsu: Do you have updates?
09:08:48 <iwamatsu> I reviewed 4.4.214 without "f6e5b0409e18 KVM: VMX: Add non-canonical check on writes to RTIT address MSRs"
09:09:07 <iwamatsu> commit f6e5b0409e18 is too big.
09:09:17 <bwh> pave1: Send it to stable@?
09:09:46 <pave1> bwh: I guess so. I don't think anybody here can test it before I do so?
09:10:37 <iwamatsu> pave1: I suggested sending it by RFC.
09:10:44 <bwh> iwamatsu: Oh, that commit is broken. It is adding a source file that won't be used. It should be reverted.
09:12:32 <masashi910> iwamatsu, bwh: So, commit f6e5b0409e18 should be reverted?
09:12:40 <bwh> masashi910: yes
09:13:01 <masashi910> bwh: Thanks for your advice!
09:13:12 <iwamatsu> bwh: I see. Thanks for your comment! Is this already pointed out by stable@? I haven't seen all the ML yet.
09:13:48 <bwh> iwamatsu: I don't have time to follow stable but I can check
09:14:42 <masashi910> iwamatsu, all: Thanks for all your works!
09:14:49 <masashi910> Any other topics?
09:15:00 <pave1> Yes, actually.
09:15:01 <masashi910> 3
09:15:25 <masashi910> pave1: Do you have something to discuss?
09:15:26 <pave1> First, are there more commits I should look at backporting?
09:16:02 <iwamatsu> bwh: thanks, so  if the reverting patch has not been posted yet, I will do this.
09:16:23 <wens> pave1: I haven't noticed anything really critical
09:16:44 <pave1> Second, there's realtime meeting today, but I don't think I can make it. iwamatsu: can you make it?
09:16:49 <pave1> wens: Thanks.
09:16:56 <wens> pave1: that ext4 soft-lockup fix is really new, and according to the report, it only hits crafted or really large volumes
09:17:31 <wens> pave1: plus the fix is just a one-liner reschedule call
09:17:34 <bwh> iwamatsu: I just mailed to say this is wrong (on all 4.4-4.19 branches)
09:18:03 <pave1> wens: Ok, that does not look too critical.
09:18:28 <iwamatsu> pave1: I will join RT meeting.
09:18:36 <pave1> iwamatsu: Thanks a lot!
09:18:51 <iwamatsu> pave1: you are welcome.
09:19:02 <iwamatsu> bwh: thanks!
09:19:11 <masashi910> Thanks, all!
09:19:21 <pave1> Third, we are currently discussing differences between 4.4-cip and 4.4-cip-rebase privately.
09:19:32 <pave1> I believe we should do it on the mailing list (or here?)
09:20:15 <wens> mailing list is probably better? unless you're looking for quick feedback
09:20:42 <masashi910> pave1: I suggest that the discussion had better be done after IRC or on ML.
09:20:50 <pave1> Ok :-).
09:21:04 <masashi910> pave1: Thanks!
09:21:12 <masashi910> Any other topics?
09:21:25 <masashi910> 3
09:21:30 <masashi910> 2
09:21:33 <masashi910> 1
09:21:34 <masashi910> #topic Kernel testing
09:21:42 <masashi910> patersonc: the floor is yours
09:21:59 <patersonc> Thanks
09:22:00 <patersonc> I'm still only working part time at the moment so not much has been done from my end (sorry!)
09:22:04 <patersonc> CI testing of the stable-rc and CIP branches continues
09:22:09 <patersonc> We keep seeing very slow download times at the Mentor LAVA lab which can cause jobs to fail (e.g. "5MB downloaded in 230.17s (0.02MB/s)")
09:22:32 <patersonc> I plan to move the AWS storage to Europe, but this may only slightly improve the download speeds
09:22:54 <patersonc> The x86 board has been offline for a few days, I've just got it working again, so the backlog of 20 or so tests should start clearing now although I expect a lot of them to timeout.
09:23:19 <patersonc> e.g. https://lava.ciplatform.org/scheduler/job/11285 has already been going 10 minutes and it's still downloading the rfs
09:23:48 <patersonc> Any queries from anyone?
09:24:15 <masashi910> patersonc: Not from me. Thanks for your works!
09:24:34 <masashi910> Does anybody have any queries?
09:24:47 <masashi910> 3
09:24:50 <masashi910> 2
09:24:53 <masashi910> 1
09:24:54 <masashi910> #topic CIP Core
09:25:00 <masashi910> kazu: the floor is yours
09:25:04 <kazu> hello
09:25:13 <kazu> 1. Package proposal #2: Getting TSC's approval (voting) => No reply yet??
09:25:26 <kazu> 2. Package proposal #1: Based on today's discussion with security WG, we decided to change the approach to confirm these security packages
09:25:33 <kazu> I will announce this to cip-members later
09:25:42 <kazu> 3. GitLab CI: Adding test submission to LAVA master https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-core/deby/issues/7
09:25:53 <kazu> I'm Still facing permission issues
09:26:07 <kazu> please tell me if you find something wrong in S3/LAVA settings...
09:26:15 <kazu> 4. Quirin reported that some kernel configs are missing for some targets to boot Debian 10 (Generic profile)
09:26:22 <kazu> https://lists.cip-project.org/pipermail/cip-dev/2020-February/004403.html
09:26:26 <kazu> Examples: https://gitlab.com/Quirin.Gy/cip-kernel-config/-/commit/92979dba2e3c03a422b5b9e8f9c592db9ff43f30
09:26:45 <kazu> I guess CIP kernels are tested with the original configs (without the additional configs above) and no issue, so CIP Core should not change them and create separated configs and cat them?
09:27:06 <kazu> That's all from me, any comments?
09:27:25 <patersonc> kazu: Yes, I'm currently testing the Kernel with the exact configs from cip-kernel-config
09:28:04 <patersonc> kazu: I'll take a look at https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-core/deby/issues/7 now
09:28:19 <kazu> patersonc Thank you for the information, we will decide how we solve this based on this fact
09:28:30 <masashi910> kazu, patersonc: Thanks!
09:28:46 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:28:57 <masashi910> 3
09:29:02 <masashi910> 2
09:29:05 <masashi910> 1
09:29:07 <masashi910> #topic Software update
09:29:13 <masashi910> Suzuki-san, the floor is yours
09:29:16 <suzuki15> Hello
09:29:25 <suzuki15> Now I'm clarifying our WG's tasks. (Ref: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-sw-updates/cip-sw-updates-tasks/issues/1)
09:29:32 <suzuki15> I'll make our next iteration plan once the above task is completed. (Ref: https://gitlab.com/cip-project/cip-sw-updates/cip-sw-updates-tasks/issues/2)
09:29:40 <suzuki15> That's all from me.
09:30:08 <masashi910> suzuki15: Thanks!
09:30:20 <masashi910> any other topics?
09:30:27 <masashi910> 3
09:30:30 <masashi910> 2
09:30:34 <masashi910> 1
09:30:37 <masashi910> #topic AOB
09:30:43 <masashi910> 1. Cancellation of "F2F" meetings in Nuremberg
09:31:10 <masashi910> By looking at the current situation, all F2F meetings were cancelled.
09:31:18 <masashi910> 2. "F2F" Kernel Team Meeting is now Kernel Team "Call" which will be held as follows.
09:31:31 <masashi910> TZ:	Tokyo	Taipei	Berlin	London	NY	LA
09:31:32 <masashi910> ----------------------------------------------------------
09:31:32 <masashi910> Start:	21:00	20:00	13:00	12:00	07:00	04:00
09:31:32 <masashi910> End:	22:00	21:00	14:00	13:00	08:00 	05:00
09:31:43 <masashi910> Hard to look. Sorry.
09:32:06 <bwh> The cip-dev list is now archived at https://lore.kernel.org/cip-dev/
09:32:27 <kazu> CIP Core Call is under voting: https://doodle.com/poll/8xr7diiiazb7wsg2 Please join if you are interested in
09:32:32 <masashi910> bwh: Right. Thanks for pointing this out.
09:33:01 <masashi910> kazu: Thanks.
09:33:10 <masashi910> Are there any business matters to discuss?
09:33:23 <masashi910> 3
09:33:25 <masashi910> 2
09:33:28 <masashi910> 1
09:33:30 <masashi910> #endmeeting