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jki#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting13:01
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jki#topic rollcall13:01
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jkihi all!13:01
jkiso, pavel is on the road - chris is missing?13:03
jkibut let's start nevertheless13:04
jki#topic AI review13:04
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jki1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu & alicef13:04
alicefno updates13:04
iwamatsu_no update from me.13:04
jkikeep it as AI?13:05
alicefyou mean merge this in the IA topic ?13:06
jkii mean does this remain an AI for us, just one that will take more time?13:06
alicefwhat is AI ?13:07
jkiAction Item13:07
jkiand something we should revisit on every meeting - at least my understanding of this13:07
alicefyes last week was KernelCI hackfest and I worked at the merge of CIP testing with KernelCI13:08
jkithen we actually have news here, great13:08
alicefthat's why there are no updates on the this13:08
jkiah, ok, this will build on top13:08
jkiok, next13:09
jki2. Document new LAVA domains in wiki - patersonc13:09
alicefsorry I got a regression on upstream kernels and I have to keep a eye also there13:10
jkino problem!13:10
jkiok, wiki not yet updated13:10
jkiany new AIs we should add here?13:11
jki#topic Kernel maintenance updates13:12
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iwamatsu_I reviewed 4.4.284-rc, 5.10.64 and 65.13:12
ulireviewing for 5.10.6513:13
masamiI have CVE summary. There is 4 new CVEs in this week.13:13
masamiCVE-2021-3744, CVE-2021-3764, CVE-2021-3752, CVE-2021-38300 are new CVEs.13:13
jkiquestion for my understanding: when you review and do not find anything, is that recorded somewhere as well?13:14
iwamatsu_We managed it to lts-commit-list repo.13:16
jkiso, upstream lts does not take extra review-by tags, does it?13:16
iwamatsu_That is not done for each commit.13:17
jkiok, but we have at least our records, good13:18
iwamatsu_If there is a problem, we will comment on the patch. For example, this requires additional patches.13:19
jkisure, that I expected - provided you are fast enough for Greg13:19
jkianything else for this topic block?13:20
jki#topic Kernel testing13:21
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel testing (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"13:21
jkiaccording to Chris (just found his email), no news here13:21
alicefsorry I'm masking gentoo kernels for a posix cpu regression13:21
alicefanyway we had hackfest kernelci last week13:22
alicefI think we had updates on the CIP tsc about it from chris13:22
jkithat was what he meant13:22
alicefwe recently had merged the cip configurations pull request on kernelci13:22
alicefis working only for 4.19 at the moment and in qemu13:23
alicefnot yet filtered it to each board13:24
alicefbut still we have something working with the cip configurations13:24
jkithat's good, indeed13:24
alicefthe efforts on the iec cybersecurity test and cip core are going on13:25
alicefThis is one example
alicefworking with cip://4.19.y-cip/arm64/qemu_arm64_defconfig13:26
alicefthat is a configurtion taken from
jkithat was built by kernelci, not via isar-cip-core, right?13:27
alicefwe are pushing cip-core to the kernelci fileserver13:27
alicefby the kernelci api13:28
alicefbut we are not yet using it13:28
alicefI'm fixing kernelci for make it work with cip-core tarball13:28
alicefyou can get it from here
alicefsorry need to go back masking gentoo kernels packages13:30
alicefthat's all for me13:30
jkithanks a lot!13:30
jkithen let's move on13:30
jki#topic AOB13:30
*** brlogger changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"13:30
jkiI have one: will be OOO the next two weeks13:31
alicefah one thing13:31
jkican anyone take over?13:31
jkigo ahead13:32
alicefkernelci is writing the blog about the hackfest #2
alicefif someone is interested on the work done during KernelCI hackfest and it also reference to CIP13:32
jkithat's nice13:33
jkiChris should drop a note on that on next TSC call as well13:33
alicefsorry for the interruption please go on13:33
jkiok, I need a deputy to run the next two irc meetings13:34
iwamatsu_OK, I can takeover.13:35
jkithat would be great - TIA!13:36
iwamatsu_but I do not know how to use meeting tool.13:36
jkiI can drop you the notes kudo-san shared with me13:36
iwamatsu_ok, thanks!13:37
jkiit's just a few magic markers to feed the logging bot13:37
jkianything else for AOB?13:38
jkieveryone with sufficient access by now?13:38
masamiI have one13:38
jkigo ahead13:38
masamiok. I was asked about CVSS score last week13:38
masamiso, is it helpful if CVSS score is in the CVE report?   to know CVE's severity13:38
jkiI suppose we would have two consumer groups here: us as kernel maintainers and then our users13:39
jkiwho do you have in mind to benifit from this score?13:40
masamijki: cip kernel users will have benefit13:41
masamiit easy to understand CVE's impact13:41
jkiok. how much extra effort this would mean when adding it?13:42
masamiit needs a bit extra work. but easy task.13:44
jkijust initially extra work, or also on each CVE?13:45
masamiI think adding CVSS score to weekly report, so usually initially extra work.13:47
jkiotherwise, it sounds like a good proposal to me at least13:47
jkiother thoughts on this?13:47
jkithanks for your initiative!13:49
jkianything else for today?13:49
jkithank you all, and enjoy the rest of today!13:50
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iwamatsu_Thank you!13:51
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