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jki#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting13:00
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jki#topic rollcall13:01
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jkiHi all, please let us know if you are there13:01
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jkiso, special welcome to uli also from me side - you are officially on board now, IIUC13:03
ulithat's right. hi, everybody!13:03
jkihi folks!13:03
masashi910uli: Hello!13:03
jkipavel is missing, right?13:04
masashi910he does not seem to be here.13:04
jkithen we should start, I suppose13:04
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jki#topic AI review13:05
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jki1. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu & alicef13:05
iwamatsuno update from me.13:05
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jkihi pavel!13:06
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jkiwe just started13:06
jkioh, alicef is also missing13:06
pavelmsorry for being late, I was fighting with urc13:06
jkiok, so that AI will stick13:06
jki2. Do some experiment to lower burdens on CI - patersonc13:07
jkimaybe a brief word for me what is behind that?13:07
patersonc[m]No updates13:08
jkireduce CI roundtrip or reduce CI runs,thus costs?13:09
patersonc[m]I think it was to look into caching etc. to try and optimise the builds a bit13:10
patersonc[m]tbh it's been going for so long I can't really remember13:10
jkiwell, is that AI than still relevant?13:10
patersonc[m]Maybe not so much, as we're planning to move to KernelCI anyway13:11
jkidrop it? any concerns?13:11
patersonc[m]Please drop it :)13:11
jkiok :)13:11
jkiany other, new AIs to discuss?13:12
alicefsorry, I'm here13:12
jkihi alicef!13:13
jkiany contributions from you to our AI list? we are about to move on13:13
alicefno updates from me13:13
jki#topic Kernel maintenance updates13:13
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jkiwho would like to start?13:14
pavelmI am reviewing patches for
masamiI have CVE summary in this week.13:15
iwamatsuI reviewed 4.4.283-rc and  I am reviewing 5.10.62-rc.13:15
masamiThere is two CVEs and three updated CVEs in this week.13:15
masamiCVE-2021-3739, CVE-2021-3743, and CVE-2021-3753 are new CVEs.13:16
masamiCVE-2020-3702, CVE-2021-3653, and CVE-2021-3656 have been updated.13:16
masamiAlso Follow-up CVEs.13:16
masamiCVE-2021-3600. patch for 4.19 has been queued up.13:16
masamiCVE-2020-3702.  greg k-h said that he will try to apply patch to 4.4 and 4.9 on the stable mailing list.13:16
masamithat's all from me13:16
jkiuli, are you already equipped with first topics?13:17
uliright now, i'm checking out the tools and repos that pavel showed me13:18
uliand preparing follow-up questions...13:18
jkianything (else) we need to discuss under this topic?13:19
pavelmI believe we can move on.13:20
jki#topic Kernel testing13:20
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patersonc[m] and domains are now up and running13:20
patersonc[m]Both point to
patersonc[m]alicef do you have any updates from your work?13:21
alicefsmc tests as been on kernelci13:21 dns as been setted up https:/cip.kernelci.org13:22
alicefalso we have kernelci hackfest next week 9/6~10. and one of the topics will be to improve cip testing on kernelci13:22
patersonc[m]Ah yes, thank you for the reminder13:23
patersonc[m]If anyone would like to get involved please let us know13:23
jkiwhat are the planned tasks there, roughly?13:23
jki(not that I have the time, infortunately...)13:24
patersonc[m]Good Q13:24
patersonc[m]Some CIP integration tasks13:24
patersonc[m]Like hooking up with our configs and filesystem13:24
patersonc[m]I'll just have a quick look to see if there was an epic on it13:25
patersonc[m]It's a bit bare at the moment13:25
alicefon kernelci there will probably some issue signed as "easy to do"13:25
patersonc[m]alicef: Did you want to create some tasks for that issue board?13:26
alicefpatersonc[m]: we still have no administrations rights to that kanboard13:26
patersonc[m]I think we can create issues in kernelci-core, then they can be added to the hackfest project from there?13:27
alicefthe hackfest will be probably organized from slack13:27
patersonc[m](maybe by an admin)13:27
alicefpatersonc[m]: no they cannot13:27
alicefI already tried and asked gturker to change that with no success13:28
patersonc[m]alicef: ah okay13:28
alicefmore than one time13:28
alicefbut looks like they want to organize it in their own way13:28
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patersonc[m]Hackfest slack channel:
alicefthey just recently changed the kernelci manager to gustavo padovan13:29
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alicefwe should ask him on slack about this probably13:30
patersonc[m]In other news, I am off-work for the next 2 weeks so will miss this meeting13:30
jkiregarding our new kernelci domains: are they already linked somewhere, e.g. in our wiki?13:31
alicefI will help out on kernelci during the hackfest on CIP topics on slack for all the time of the hackfest13:31
alicefjki: I don't think so. we just got them yesterday13:32
alicefnow that you remember I also need to update kernelci wiki with the new links13:32
patersonc[m]jki: Not yet. I'll get the wiki updated once we've finished our integration. At the moment KCI is just building our kernel trees with their configs, and testing it using their standard tests & filesystem13:32
jkiany other testing topic?13:33
jki#topic AOB13:34
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uliwho do i contact to get write access to gitlab?13:34
jkiI can organize that13:35
jkiwhat's your username?13:35
ulii don't have one yet, iirc13:35
ulii'll send it to you once i have made one13:35
jkithen that is step 1 :)13:35
jkidoes uli need any other access for his work?13:36
patersonc[m]wiki access?13:36
pavelm2subscription to cip-dev?13:37
jkicip-dev should be self-managed13:37
ulialready subscribed13:37
jkipavelm2: where did you get wiki access from?13:37
patersonc[m]jki: Neal13:37
patersonc[m]I think an LF account is needed for the wiki13:38
ulii have one13:38
jkithen please write Neal an email for that, put me on CC13:38
uliok13:38 is tricky...13:38
iwamatsuwe are using cip's repo as team.13:38
iwamatsuI think it's a better to ask the administrator of Shall I do it?13:40
pavelm2Yes, certainly can be done.13:40
jkihow is the workflow for, who all pushes there?13:40
pavelm2It requires setting up PGP, but that's good thing anyway.13:40
pavelm2I do pushes for -rt...13:41
pavelm2...and for -cip when applying patches.13:41
jkiI'm just wondering if that is critical for uli to start, if that is tricky to organize13:42
pavelm2not critical.13:42
iwamatsuOh, if not key signed with kernel developers, uli need to do it first.13:43
jki...and that may take time13:43
ulii don't think i have a good enough pgp key for that13:43
jkiis this virtualized in covid times as well now? ;)13:44
jkiok, any other other business?13:45
josiah|2jki: Would you mind checking on my access to cip gitlab? Username is josiah_holder13:45
jkishould I just check it or enable something?13:46
josiah|2Last I checked I don't have access to any of it yet13:48
jkiis there anyone from your company already managing accounts?13:49
josiah|2Not to my knowledge. I can coordinate this offline though. No need to hold up the meeting.13:50
jkiyeah, let's do that - I'm happy to help13:50
jkigood - then let's close for today13:51
jkithank you all!13:51
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alicefthanks you jki13:51
pavelm2thank you13:51
pavelm2and welcome!13:51
iwamatsuThank you!13:51
masamiThank you13:51
masashi910Thanks! Great chairing of the meeting! jki13:51
jkithanks :) - just my irc is a bit rusty...13:52
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