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rynofinn____@patersonc hello, I see lava is down.  Let me know if there is anything I can do to be of assistance.14:23
patersonc[m]rynofinn____: Thanks14:49
patersonc[m]I'm restarting it as it stopped working14:50
patersonc[m]It just takes a long time to make/restore the backup14:50
zarHi guys! I've found Deby project and I consider it as a candidate for using with our new device. However, as I can see, there is no activity in this project: last commit in cip-core/deby was in April, it builds with errors (no nightly builds :C), there are no updates in Deby section of CIP core meetings reports, all issues related to Deby (e.g. swupdate support) weren't updated since last year. As for me, it's a bad sign. Are all efforts aimed to isar-cip-core14:55
zar? Is there any plans to develop Deby in future? Thank you in advance.14:55
patersonc[m]Hi zar . Thanks for getting in touch. The maintainer for Deby is based in Japan, who are mainly on holiday this week. It may be best to send an email to the cip-dev mailing list to get your answer15:04
rynofinn____patersonc[m]: can you point me to the matrix server that I need to log in to?  I can't reply to your matrix messages15:18
patersonc[m]Ah. Strange15:19
rynofinn____and yes, I can manage dns15:20
patersonc[m]Could you forward to ( isn't live yet, but hopefully will be soon)15:21
rynofinn____yes.  can you open a ticket with for the dns change so we can track that you authorize the change?15:22
zarpatersonc[m]: Thank you! I will send an email soon :)15:25
patersonc[m]rynofinn____: Sure. Thanks15:40
patersonc[m]zar: No worries15:40
patersonc[m]rynofinn____: "Make Changes to Existing Service" ?15:42
rynofinn____yes, hopefully that gets you to the DNS change section15:43
patersonc[m]Ah yes15:43
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