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masashi910#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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masashi910#topic rollcall09:00
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masashi910please say hi if you're around09:00
masashi910Well, let's get started.09:01
masashi910#topic AI review09:01
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masashi9101. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu & alicef09:01
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alicefI got review from patersonc[m] and fixed what come up from the review09:02
alicefalso squashed in a new MR as requested
masashi910alicef: Thanks for your works!09:02
iwamatsu_alicef: thanks for your work, I am reviewing latest MR.09:02
alicefcurrently waiting patersonc[m] to acknowledge the MR09:03
alicefiwamatsu_: thanks09:03
masashi910Then let's move on.09:03
masashi9102. Do some experiment to lower burdens on CI - patersonc09:03
masashi910patersonc: are you around?09:03
masashi910He is on holidays, so if he joins, let's come back.09:04
masashi9103. Update Testing table below with 5.10 info - patersonc09:04
masashi910Let's skip09:04
masashi910any other topics?09:04
alicefabout testing 5.10 as been merged in kernelci09:05
masashi910alicef: You mean, all the tests on Lava were merged?09:05
alicef5.10 cip branch is now getting tested from KernelCI09:06
masashi910alicef: I see. Thanks!09:06
masashi910Shall we move on?09:08
masashi910#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:08
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iwamatsu_I reviewed 5.10.48 and 4.4.27409:09
masashi910iwamatsu_: Thanks for your works.09:10
masashi910masami: Do you have anything to share regarding CVE checking?09:11
masamiToday, I sent weekly report. There is 5 CVEs since last report.09:11
masamiCVE-2020-28097 removes CONFIG_VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK option. Some configuration file sets this option.09:12
masami4.19.y-cip/x86/cip_qemu_defconfig, 4.19.y-cip/x86/plathome_obsvx2.config, 4.19.y-cip-rt/x86/siemens_i386-rt.config, and 4.4.y-cip/x86/cip_qemu_defconfig set CONFIG_VGACON_SOFT_SCROLLBACK option.09:13
masamiThese boards/configs may be affected CVE-2020-2809 fix.09:15
masashi910Based on your report, CVE-2020-28097 needs to be considered to be backported to 4.19 and 4.4?09:18
masashi910and is CVE-2021-35039 needed to be backported to  4.19 and 5.10?09:19
masamiwait for a minute09:19
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pavelsorry for being late.09:20
masashi910pavel: Hi! We are in Kernel Maintenance Topics09:21
masashi910pavel: Do you have updates?09:21
paveltiny release reviewed, otherwise not much happening this week.09:21
masashi910pavel: Thanks for your works!09:21
masamimasashi910: while i'm writing summary, can you go another topic?09:22
masashi910masami: so, could you report at #AOB so that you can have a bit more time? :)09:23
masashi910masami: Sure!09:24
masashi910any other topics?09:24
masamimasashi910: AOB is nice09:24
masashi910#topic Kernel testing09:24
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masashi910patersonc: are you around?09:24
masashi910alicef: Do you have any other items to be shared?09:25
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masashi910Does anybody have anything to share?09:26
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masashi910#topic AOB09:26
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masashi910alicef: Do you have anything to share?09:27
alicefplease go on, sorry for the interruption09:27
masamiCVE summaries09:27
masashi910alicef: Sure.09:28
masamiCVE-2020-28097 : cip kernel v4.4 and v4.19 fixed. v5.10 is not affected.09:28
masamiCVE-2020-36387 : not affected cip kernels09:28
masamiCVE-2021-29256 : not fixed in mainline yet. need to keep track of.09:28
masamiCVE-2021-31615 : not fixed in mainline yet. need to keep track of.09:28
masamiCVE-2021-35039 : cip kernel v4.19 and v5.10 are not fixed yet. v4.4 not affect09:28
masamithat's all from this week CVEs.09:28
masashi910masami: Thanks!09:28
masashi910pavel, iwamatsu: Do you have any opinions about -28097 and -35039? Should they be backported?09:29
pavel2let me take a look an c09:30
pavel2and comment over email09:30
masashi910pavel2: Thanks!09:31
masashi910Any other business?09:31
alicefI became official KernelCI Technical Steering Committee. one of my task is maintainer for KernelCI CIP related issues and new features09:31
masashi910alicef: Oh, that's great!09:32
masashi910I expect further collaboration with KernelCI can be done!09:32
alicefthanks masashi91009:32
alicefthanks iwamatsu_09:32
masashi910Any other business?09:32
masashi910alicef: :)09:33
masashi910So, let's close the meeting!09:33
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masashi910Thanks, Bye!09:33
masamithank you.09:33
alicefthanks masashi910 for organizing!09:34
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