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masashi910#startmeeting CIP IRC weekly meeting09:00
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masashi910#topic rollcall09:00
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masashi910please say hi if you're around09:00
masashi910Let's get started.09:00
masashi910#topic AI review09:00
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masashi9101. Combine root filesystem with kselftest binary - iwamatsu09:01
masashi910iwamatsu: are you around?09:01
alicefis going on09:01
alicefI got review from patersonc[m] on the pull request about building kselftest binary and will start to work on this09:01
alicefcurrently we can build arm arm64 and x86_64 binary09:02
alicefthat's all from me09:03
alicefkselftest test is currently limited as per current kernel and rootfs settings09:05
alicefstill this work is a pull request not merged yet in production09:05
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alicefoh masashi910 dropped09:05
alicefwb masashi910 o/09:06
masashi910sorry, I lost my network. Now I'm back.09:06
masashi910alicef: Thanks.09:06
alicefI think the bot got everything anyway09:06
alicefno problem :)09:06
masashi910alicef: :)09:07
masashi910alicef: so are you done?09:07
masashi910alicef: Thanks again. Let's move on.09:07
masashi9102. Do some experiment to lower burdens on CI - patersonc[m]09:07
masashi910patersonc[m]: Are you around?09:08
masashi910Quote from patersonc[m] "I don’t have any updates for my actions."09:08
masashi9103. Monitor the status of CVE-2021-3444 and CVE-2021-20292 (3/25) - Kernel Team09:08
masashi910pavel: any updates?09:09
pavelSo... I recommend to drop this item.09:09
pavelI sent a mail explaining why.09:09
masashi910pavel: Ah, that's right. I will drop this AI. Sorry.09:09
pavelThank you!09:09
masashi9104. Update Testing table below with 5.10 info - patersonc09:09
masashi910Quote from patersonc[m] "I don’t have any updates for my actions."09:10
masashi910any other topics?09:10
masashi910#topic Kernel maintenance updates09:10
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel maintenance updates (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:10
pavelI did reviews on
pavelI will be traveling next week, but should have internet access.09:11
masashi910pavel: Thanks for your reviews. BTW, are there any CVEs to be got attention?09:11
pavelI did update today, but nothing changed to the worse since the last email.09:12
masashi910pavel: Thanks!09:12
masashi910pavel, masami: So, from next week, masami is going to report CVE fixes?09:13
masashi910masami: Are you there?09:14
masamimasashi910: yes I can09:14
masashi910pavel: Is it ok?09:14
pavelYes, okay with me.09:14
pavelmasami: Are your problems with gitlab access solved?09:15
masamipavel: not yet.. I still got error09:15
masashi910pavel: Can you fix it? or should Iwamatsu-san do this?09:17
pavelmasashi910: I believe Iwamatsu-san knows more about this.09:17
masashi910pavel: I see.09:18
masamiI'll send ping to iwamatsu-san.09:18
masashi910masami: Thanks. So, at this moment, masami-san is going to report CVE fixes from next week. But the problem is not fixed, could you alert it and ask Pavel-san to report them?09:20
masamimasashi910: okay.09:21
masashi910masami: Thanks!09:21
masashi910Shall we move on?09:21
masashi910#topic Kernel testing09:21
*** brlogger changes topic to "Kernel testing (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:21
masashi910patersonc[m]: Are you around?09:21
masashi910alicef: Do you have reports here?09:22
masashi910Quote from patersonc[m] "I don’t have any updates for my actions."09:23
alicefI started to send pull request to kernelci for integrating the current CIP testing09:23
masashi910alicef: Thanks for your works!09:24
masashi910any other topics here?09:24
alicefand going on discussing with kernelci team for easying the integration09:24
masashi910alicef: Thanks for sharing the status.09:25
masashi910any other topics?09:26
masashi910#topic AOB09:26
*** brlogger changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: CIP IRC weekly meeting)"09:26
masashi910Are there any business to discuss?09:26
masashi910Let's close today's meeting.09:27
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brloggerMinutes (text):
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masashi910Thank you, Bye!09:27
pavelThank you, stay safe!09:27
masamiThank you!09:27
alicefthank you09:27
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